A Harp boilerplate.
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A Harp boilerplate.

Get started with Harp here, or edit this blog from your Dropbox right away, by publishing Remedy on the Harp Platform through Dropbox right away.

Get started

npm install -g harp
# May need to preface with sudo
harp init my-blog --boilerplate kennethormandy/hb-remedy
harp server my-blog

Now visit localhost:9000 in your browser.

A screenshot of an article in this Harp boilerplate.

The photograph is Brandon J. Bilinski – Under Construction.

Remedy sports…

  • Comments through Disqus
  • Improved support for fonts via Google Fonts or Typekit
  • Per-post banners
  • Stylised pullquotes and blockquotes from Markdown
  • Next and previous post links
  • Private draft posts
  • Very light styling and markup, so it’s ready to customise

…and is totally static, thanks to Harp.


All photographs included in this boilerplate are copyright Brandon J. Bilinski, used as examples with permission. They are not considered to be part of the source code of this project, and are therefore not available under the following license.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2013–2014 Kenneth Ormandy