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<title>Where to Go From Here - Dive Into Python 3</title>
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<p>You are here: <a href=index.html>Home</a> <span class=u>&#8227;</span> <a href=table-of-contents.html#where-to-go-from-here>Dive Into Python 3</a> <span class=u>&#8227;</span>
<h1>Where To Go From Here</h1>
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<p><span class=u>&#x275D;</span> Go forth on your path, as it exists only through your walking. <span class=u>&#x275E;</span><br>&mdash; St. Augustine of Hippo (attributed)
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<h2 id=things-to-read>Things to Read</h2>
<p class=f>Unfortunately, I can not write cover every facet of Python 3 in this book. Fortunately, there are many wonderful, freely available tutorials available elsewhere.
<li><a href=>Function Decorators</a> by Ariel Ortiz
<li><a href=>More on Function Decorators</a> by Ariel Ortiz
<li><a href=>Charming Python: Decorators make magic easy</a> by David Mertz
<li><a href=>Function Definitions</a> in the official Python documentation
<li><a href=>The Python <code>property</code> builtin</a> by Adam Gomaa
<li><a href=>Getters/Setters/Fuxors</a> by Ryan Tomayko
<li><a href=><code>property()</code> function</a> in the official Python documentation
<li><a href=>How-To Guide For Descriptors</a> by Raymond Hettinger
<li><a href=>Charming Python: Python elegance and warts, Part 2</a> by David Mertz
<li><a href=''>Python Descriptors</a> by Mark Summerfield
<li><a href=>Invoking Descriptors</a> in the official Python documentation
<p>Threading <i class=baa>&amp;</i> multiprocessing:</p>
<li><a href=><code>threading</code> module</a>
<li><a href=><code>threading</code>&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;Manage concurrent threads</a>
<li><a href=><code>multiprocessing</code> module</a>
<li><a href=><code>multiprocessing</code>&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;Manage processes like threads</a>
<li><a href=>Python threads and the Global Interpreter Lock</a> by Jesse Noller
<li><a href=>Inside the Python <abbr>GIL</abbr> (video)</a> by David Beazley
<li><a href=>Metaclass programming in Python</a> by David Mertz and Michele Simionato
<li><a href=>Metaclass programming in Python, Part 2</a> by David Mertz and Michele Simionato
<li><a href=>Metaclass programming in Python, Part 3</a> by David Mertz and Michele Simionato
<p>In addition, Doug Hellman&#8217;s <a href=>Python Module of the Week</a> is a fantastic guide to many of the modules in the Python standard library.
<h2 id=code>Where To Look For Python 3-Compatible Code</h2>
<p>As Python 3 is relatively new, there is a dearth of compatible libraries. Here are some of the places to look for code that works with Python 3.
<li><a href=';c=533&amp;show=all'>Python Package Index: list of Python 3 packages</a>
<li><a href=''>Python Cookbook: list of Python 3 recipes</a>
<li><a href=''>Google Project Hosting: list of projects tagged &#8220;python3&#8221;</a>
<li><a href=''>SourceForge: list of projects matching &#8220;Python 3&#8221;</a>
<li><a href=';language=python&amp;q=python3'>GitHub: list of projects matching &#8220;python3&#8221;</a> (also, <a href=';language=python&amp;q=python+3'>list of projects matching &#8220;python 3&#8221;</a>)
<li><a href=''>BitBucket: list of projects matching &#8220;python3&#8221;</a> (and <a href=''>those matching &#8220;python 3&#8221;</a>)
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<p class=c>&copy; 2001&ndash;11 <a href=about.html>Mark Pilgrim</a>
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