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the cli emoji keyboard™
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em: the cli emoji keyboard™

Emoji your friends and colleagues from the comfort of your own terminal.

em is a nifty command-line utility for referencing emoji characters by name. Provide the names of a few emoji, and those lucky chosen emojis will be displayed in your terminal, then copied to your clipboard. Automagically.

Emoji can be also searched by both categories and aspects.

Screenshot of em command-line interface.

Example Usage

Let's serve some delicious cake:

$ em sparkles cake sparkles
Copied! ✨🍰✨

Let's skip the copying (for scripts):

$ em 'chocolate bar' --no-copy

Let's find some emoji, by color:

$ em -s red
🚗  car
🎴  flower_playing_cards
👹  japanese_ogre
👺  japanese_goblin


At this time, em requires Python and pip:

$ pip install em-keyboard

That's it!

Have fun!