Python wrapper for GitHub's Gist API
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This is a Python wrapper for GitHub's Gist API.

Example Usage

from gistapi import Gist, Gists

gist = Gist('d4507e882a07ac6f9f92')
gist.description        # 'Example Gist for'

gist.created_at         # '2010/05/16 10:51:15 -0700'
gist.public             # False
gist.filenames          # ['exampleEmptyFile', 'exampleFile']
gist.files              # {'exampleFile': 'Example file content.', 'exampleEmptyFile': ''}
gist.comments[0].body   # Test Comment.

Gists.fetch_by_user('kennethreitz')[-1].description    # 'My .bashrc configuration'


pip install gistapi

Or, if you must:

easy_install gistapi


  • Implement Gist API methods as they are introduced

  • Possibly use other hacks in the meantime
    • Gist's New Gist method? (Post to web form?)
  • Possibly add command line gist interface