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OSX GCC Installer

Downloading and installing the massive Xcode installer is a huge hassle if you just want GCC and related tools.

The osx-gcc-installer allows you to install the essential compilers from either pre-built binary packages or helps you create your own installer.

For Lion and Mountain Lion users, Apple now provides an official Command Line Tools for Xcode package that you can install without needing to install Xcode itself! You can download it from Apple's developer site. If you still need gcc-4.2, and you use Homebrew, you can install it using the apple-gcc42 package from homebrew/dupes.

Option 1: Downloading Pre-Built Binaries

You can download the installers on the Downloads page or use the links below:

Option 2: Build Your Own

To create your own package, place the Xcode Installer for your OS version (Install in the root directory of the repository, then open the matching .pmdoc to build!

What's Included?

  • GCC
  • LLVM
  • Clang
  • Developer CLI Tools (purge, etc)
  • DevSDK (headers, etc)


The source code from Apple for these packages is available here:

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