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@@ -4,31 +4,41 @@ OSX GCC Installer
Downloading and installing the *massive* Xcode installer is a huge hassle
if you just want GCC and related tools.
-So, here's the PackageMaker files for creating a minimal installer,
-extracted from the Xcode packages yourself!
+The osx-gcc-installer allows you to install the essential compilers from either pre-built binary packages or helps you create your own installer.
-To create the package, place the appropriate Xcode Installer package
-(``Install``) in the root directory of the repository, then open
-the appropriate ``.pmdoc`` to build!
+Option 1: Downloading Pre-Built Binaries
+You can download the installers on the
+`Downloads page <>`_ or use the links below:
+* OS X 10.7 Lion: `GCC-10.7.pkg <>`_
+* OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: `GCC-10.6.pkg <>`_
+Option 2: Build Your Own
-You can download the pre-made installers on the
-`Downloads page <>`_.
+To create your own package, place the Xcode Installer for your OS version
+(``Install``) in the root directory of the repository, then open
+the matching ``.pmdoc`` to build!
+* `GCC-10.7.pkg <>`_
+* `GCC-10.6.pkg <>`_
* `GCC-10.7.pkg <>`_
* `GCC-10.6.pkg <>`_
+What's Included?
* Clang
* Developer CLI Tools (purge, etc)
* DevSDK (headers, etc)
-The source code for these packages is available here:
+The source code from Apple for these packages is available here:

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