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written in django which allows you to register/upload with distutils and
install with easy_install/pip.
+S3-Hosted PyPi
+One simple option for a personal PyPi server is to use Amazon S3. A prerequisite for this is that you have an Amazon AWS account with an S3 bucket.
+1. **Install all your requirements from PyPi or another source**
+2. **Install pip2pi**
+* :code:`pip install git+`
+3. **Follow pip2pi README for pip2tgz and dir2pi commands**
+* :code:`pip2tgz packages/ YourPackage` (or :code:`pip2tgz packages/ -r requirements.txt`)
+* :code:`dir2pi packages/`
+4. **Upload the new files**
+* Use a client like Cyberduck to sync the entire :code:`packages` folder to your s3 bucket
+* Make sure you upload :code:`packages/simple/index.html` as well as all new files and directories
+5. **Fix new file permissions**
+* By default, when you upload new files to the S3 bucket, they will have the wrong permissions set.
+* Use the Amazon web console to set the READ permission of the files to EVERYONE.
+* If you get HTTP 403 when trying to install a package, make sure you've set the permissions correctly.
+6. **All done**
+* You can now your package with :code:`pip install --index-url=http://your-s3-bucket/packages/simple/ YourPackage`
For Linux Distributions

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