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@@ -31,3 +31,11 @@ Python Weekly is a free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles,
new releases, jobs, etc. related to Python.
`Python Weekly <>`_
+Python News
+News section in the official Python web site ( It briefly
+highlights the news from Python community.
+ `Python News <>`_
@@ -76,3 +76,14 @@ Kivy is actively being developed by a community and free to use. It operates
on all major platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows, Android).
The main resource for information is the website:
+PyjamasDesktop (pyjs Desktop)
+PyjamasDesktop is a port of PyJamas. PyjamasDesktop is application widget set
+for desktop and a cross-platform framework. (After release v0.6 PyjamasDesktop
+is a part of Pyjamas (Pyjs)). Briefly, it allows the exact same Python web application
+source code to be executed as a standalone desktop application.
+`Python Wiki for PyjamasDesktop <>`_.
+The main website; `pyjs Desktop <>`_.

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