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License Comparison ideas #44

askedrelic opened this Issue Dec 30, 2011 · 8 comments


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askedrelic commented Dec 30, 2011

For http://docs.python-guide.org/en/latest/writing/license/, I have yet to find a comprehensive and simple comparison of open source licenses to reference.

http://paulmillr.com/posts/simple-description-of-popular-software-licenses/ is the best that I've found in graphic form and I believe the the information is accurate, but I'm not an expert!

Is the idea for the page to provide a simple listing of available licenses or suggest a 2-3 main license types depending on your situation?

(Sidenote, know of any statistics on what license type is used most on PyPI or preferred? Or what % of projects lack a license/trove classifier for license type?)


six8 commented Dec 30, 2011

I like the graphic, looks accurate to me. I'd opt for linking to good descriptions of each licence instead of duplicating it in the doc unless it's new content that pertains to Python.

My 2c is that I prefer MIT or BSD licenses.


kennethreitz commented Dec 30, 2011

Stance should be: MIT, BSD, or Apache 2 are always preferred over GPL.

Rather, copyleft shouldn't be the default.


epequeno commented Dec 30, 2011

I think a recommendation on which licence to use would be useful. I'm not sure this project is the place to give a really comprehensive comparison of the various licences and their consequences. I mean, if you were looking for that information would your first thought on where to look for it be "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python"?


dcrosta commented Dec 31, 2011


dcrosta commented Dec 31, 2011

@epequeno I don't think a brief overview of the differences would be a bad thing, but the Guide should not attempt to be a lawyer (nor claim that it is).


epequeno commented Dec 31, 2011

@dcrosta, agreed.


kennethreitz commented Apr 27, 2012

I think it'll be best to break this up a bit.

Unrestrictive, Restrictive, link to further reading.


sigmavirus24 commented Mar 15, 2014

This looks finished to me.

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