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Added Plac module description


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Commits on Feb 5, 2014
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    Plac module

    DhiaTN authored
    Added Plac module description
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@@ -17,3 +17,14 @@ docopt
`docopt <>`_ is a lightweight, highly Pythonic package that
allows creating command line interfaces easily and intuitively, by parsing
POSIX-style usage instructions.
+`Plac <>`_ is a python module that allows developing command line applications. In fact
+plac is a simple wrapper over the python standard library `argparse <>`_, it hides most of its
+complexity by using a declarative interface: the argument parser is inferred
+rather than written down by imperatively. It is targetting especially unsophisticated
+users, programmers, sys-admins, scientists and in general people writing throw-away
+scripts for themselves, choosing the command-line interface because it is quick
+and simple.
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