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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This module contains a decorator that implements safe_mode.
:copyright: (c) 2012 by Kenneth Reitz.
:license: ISC, see LICENSE for more details.
from .models import Response
from .packages.urllib3.response import HTTPResponse
from .exceptions import RequestException, ConnectionError, HTTPError
import socket
def catch_exceptions_if_in_safe_mode(function):
"""New implementation of safe_mode. We catch all exceptions at the API level
and then return a blank Response object with the error field filled. This decorator
wraps request() in
def wrapped(method, url, **kwargs):
# if save_mode, we catch exceptions and fill error field
if (kwargs.get('config') and kwargs.get('config').get('safe_mode')) or (kwargs.get('session')
and kwargs.get('session').config.get('safe_mode')):
return function(method, url, **kwargs)
except (RequestException, ConnectionError, HTTPError,
socket.timeout, socket.gaierror) as e:
r = Response()
r.error = e
r.raw = HTTPResponse() # otherwise, tests fail
r.status_code = 0 # with this status_code, content returns None
return r
return function(method, url, **kwargs)
return wrapped
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