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Update the advanced doc to use the r.json method

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commit 7687746c7c1691946f24e414c065025f895104e6 1 parent 5d87e1a
Thomas Grainger graingert authored
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  1. +5 −10 docs/user/advanced.rst
15 docs/user/advanced.rst
@@ -313,17 +313,12 @@ out what type of content it is. Do this like so::
application/json; charset=utf-8
-So, GitHub returns JSON. That's great, we can use the JSON module to turn it
-into Python objects. Because GitHub returned UTF-8, we should use the
-``r.text`` method, not the ``r.content`` method. ``r.content`` returns a
-bytestring, while ``r.text`` returns a Unicode-encoded string. I have no plans
-to perform byte-manipulation on this response, so I want any Unicode code
-points encoded.
+So, GitHub returns JSON. That's great, we can use the ``r.json`` method to
+parse it into Python objects.
- >>> import json
- >>> commit_data = json.loads(r.text)
+ >>> commit_data = r.json()
>>> print commit_data.keys()
[u'committer', u'author', u'url', u'tree', u'sha', u'parents', u'message']
>>> print commit_data[u'committer']
@@ -380,7 +375,7 @@ Cool, we have three comments. Let's take a look at the last of them.
>>> r = requests.get(r.url + u'/comments')
>>> r.status_code
- >>> comments = json.loads(r.text)
+ >>> comments = r.json()
>>> print comments[0].keys()
[u'body', u'url', u'created_at', u'updated_at', u'user', u'id']
>>> print comments[2][u'body']
@@ -417,7 +412,7 @@ the very common Basic Auth.
>>> r =, data=body, auth=auth)
>>> r.status_code
- >>> content = json.loads(r.text)
+ >>> content = r.json()
>>> print content[u'body']
Sounds great! I'll get right on it.
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