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As @kennethreitz knows, I'm preparing to use requests in a different project, and was testing out the GitHub API. The following is something I did from the python command line interpreter:

import requests
a = ('sigmavirus24', 'not_my_real_password')
url = 'https://api.github.com/repos/sigmavirus24/issues.py/issues/comments/4524692'  # This no longer exists, you'll see why
data = u'{"body": "Amend comment."}'
r = requests.patch(url, data, auth=a)
# Checked what GitHub returned (response code 200)
r = requests.request('DELETE', url, auth=a)
# GitHub responded with code 204 -- successful deletion of a comment on an issue.
Lukasa commented May 17, 2012

@kennethreitz: Whereabouts in the docs did you want these? The only place that currently exists that looks suitable is docs/quickstart.rst, but that document is getting increasingly large. Should we consider busting the verbs out into a new file? Or are you happy to extend the quickstart? Either way, I'm happy to write these and add them into #619.


Probably in the "advanced" section

wulien commented Dec 11, 2012

I love requests so much, thanks for your excellent work!


Sounds great! I'll get right on it!


@Fighter42 I don't know why you commented 11 times but this is already taken care of here

RAINCEN commented Nov 20, 2013

I feed my cat!

Lukasa commented Nov 20, 2013

@RAINCEN Really? Really?


@Lukasa the emails I received from @RAINCEN had the same message that @Fighter42 posted about 20 times (of which I deleted all but one). I have to wonder if these are just spam accounts or if perhaps this is related to recent attempts to brute force passwords on accounts. Regardless, it's probably advisable to just ignore everyone who makes similar comments on this issue. It's been closed for so long.


github great

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