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Add helpful error message to r.json() method #1296

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It took me a while to figure out that this error was coming from the newest version of Requests rather than somewhere in Django. This updates the documentation to be more control-F friendly.


+1. I'm always in favour of better documentation.


I'm not sure this is the only error the json module raises but I'm generally +1 for this.


Good point @sigmavirus24. Fixed my wording.


Thanks very much. :+1: I was going to look to see if json.decode raised more than a ValueError but I'm too busy with school work so this is a good starting point. I also had plans of digging deep into the docs and checking the validity of them. In particular the hooks documentation, so if you'd like you're more than welcome to attack that too. :)


:sparkles: :cake: :sparkles:

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This is only true if the 401 response is not content-aware; there's no fundamental link between the status code and the content type of the response.

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@@ -131,7 +131,9 @@ There's also a builtin JSON decoder, in case you're dealing with JSON data::
>>> r.json()
[{u'repository': {u'open_issues': 0, u'url': '
-In case the JSON decoding fails, ``r.json`` raises an exception.
+In case the JSON decoding fails, ``r.json`` raises an exception. For example, if
+the response gets a 401 (Unauthorized), attempting ``r.json`` raises ``ValueError:
+No JSON object could be decoded``
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