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Temporary fix for unicode literal breaking test. #690

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As discussed in #687.

I'm not really wild about this commit. The awkward if block mentioned in #687 is present here, which isn't lovely, as is the awkward dependence on sys.version_info. This also relies on the fact that the parser will only look for a method when it's called, not when it's parsed, which means that str.decode() won't throw AttributeErrors in Python 3.

This is butt-ugly, and if it had to live in the codebase for all time I would ask you not to actually pull it. If you're planning to only test against 3.3 when it's released, however, then it's probably ok.

If you (or anyone else) can think of a nicer way to use this split, by all means use it and don't accept this pull request. =D


Thanks :)

@kennethreitz kennethreitz merged commit da35675 into kennethreitz:develop

This pull request passes (merged f8076fe into bcf04d5).

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Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. @Lukasa
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  1. +8 −1 tests/
9 tests/
@@ -351,7 +351,14 @@ def test_POSTBIN_GET_POST_FILES_STRINGS(self):
post5 = post(url, files={'file': ('file.txt', 'more fdata')})
self.assertEqual(post5.status_code, 200)
- post6 = post(url, files={'fname.txt': '\xe9'})
+ # Dirty hack to tide us over until 3.3.
+ # TODO: Remove this hack when Python 3.3 is released.
+ if (sys.version_info[0] == 2):
+ fdata = '\xc3\xa9'.decode('utf-8')
+ else:
+ fdata = '\xe9'
+ post6 = post(url, files={'fname.txt': fdata})
self.assertEqual(post6.status_code, 200)
post7 = post(url, files={'fname.txt': 'fdata to verify'})
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