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Small changes to make the code more PEP8 compliant #887

merged 15 commits into from Oct 17, 2012

7 participants


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sweenzor and others added some commits Sep 25, 2012
@sweenzor sweenzor Handle encoding of `None` when decoding unicode
If encoding is None, decoding will throw the following TypeError:
TypeError: unicode() argument 2 must be string, not None

If this is the case, attempt to run without any set encoding
@sweenzor sweenzor Simplify error handling when decoding unicode eb6a6b1
@yegle yegle Python 3.3 compatible update
httplib.cookiejar.DefaultCookiePolicy changed its implementation of
@legoktm legoktm Use __iter__ rather than the inefficient nested for loops 4f9e552
@yegle yegle Update: @property decorator instead of __getattr__ 22fdecb
@kennethreitz v0.14.1 ed8a3f3
@sigmavirus24 sigmavirus24 Only register callable items in lists
Prior to this, you could sneak a list of anything to register_hook and it
would accept it. This will check if the items in the list are callable before
registering them. Also added a regression test to make sure if this gets
changed it will be noticed.
@kennethreitz new classifiers for 3.2+ 46fd297
@kennethreitz why not 582a53f
@kennethreitz order fix e60e82c
@kennethreitz padding 1444d90
@kennethreitz wording cc1b9da
@kennethreitz update 3e30196
@tokuda109 tokuda109 declare the encoding 5ec2c96
@rvoicilas rvoicilas Making the code more PEP8 compliant 820dfb0
@kennethreitz kennethreitz reopened this Oct 8, 2012

Agreed on all fronts. Thanks so much!


@kennethreitz kennethreitz merged commit c631627 into kennethreitz:develop Oct 17, 2012

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