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Add support for exporting to a text table, via the texttable module. #69

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Add support for exporting to a text table, via the texttable module.

nvie commented May 31, 2012

+1 for pulling this :)


one more +1, we were just discussing this need on our team!

nvie commented May 31, 2012

I'll even add special 🍰 if this is pulled, @kennethreitz :)


@kennethreitz Let me know if this needs any tweaks. I might've just thought of a place where I could use tablib if it had this... :-)

philfreo commented Apr 2, 2013


guidod commented Jun 16, 2013

-1 ... tablib has the habit to package the dependencies but texttable is GPL-infected while openpyxl and xlwt are MIT/BSD just as tablib is. One could still add the support but only via dynamic loading (texttable is actually LGPL), it shouldn't be packaged.

Rendering a nice text result is not quite a sophisticated programming task to justify meddling in license issues.

msabramo commented Jan 5, 2014

@guidod: What are the implications of using/bundling an LGPL module, such as texttable? Tablib, being Python, already provides it's source code freely. Would it have to do anything else?

Texttable could be simply required and not bundled or if it's desired to bundle something, I could convert it to use PrettyTable (BSD-licensed) ( instead.

@kennethreitz: What say you?

guidod commented Jan 5, 2014

By the way, I have added markdown-support in my Tablib fork at - feel free to grab the code.


This project is in a bit of a crisis state — it's really useful, and I use regularly. However, I wrote it several years ago and haven't touched it since. In order to get the project into a stable state I'm closing all issues and pull requests to get a "fresh slate"

Don't take this as aggressive — it's just necessary for the project to make any progress any time soon (it's pretty clear the project is effectively unmaintained at the moment). Great things to come! Please watch the GitHub logs and feel free to re-open this discussion soon. I just need to really it into a good state first.


@iurisilvio iurisilvio added the crisis label Apr 23, 2014
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