Copy + Paste in Python.
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Xerox: Copy + Paste for Python

Xerox is a copy + paste module for python. It's aim is simple: to be as incredibly simple as possible.

Supported platforms are currently OS X, X11 (Linux, BSD, etc.), and Windows.

If you can make it simpler, please fork.


Usage is as follows:

xerox.copy(u'some string')

And to paste:

>>> xerox.paste()
u'some string'

On Linux you can optionally also copy into the X selection clipboard for middle-click-paste capability:

xerox.copy(u'Some string', xsel=True)

And you can choose to paste from the X selection rather than the system clipboard:


And, that's it.

Command Line

To copy:

$ xerox some string


$ echo some string | xerox

To paste:

>>> xerox
some string


To install Xerox, simply:

$ pip install xerox

Note: If you are installing xerox on Windows, you will also need to install the pywin32 module.

Note: On X11 systems, Xerox requires Xclip, which can be found through your system package manager (e.g. apt-get install xclip) or at

Legal Stuff

MIT License.

(c) 2016 Kenneth Reitz.