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RenderPages plugin for ScrewTurn wiki
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RenderPages Plugin for ScrewTurn Wiki

Facilitates the creation of a single html page presentable for printing based on input parameters to specify Categories to INCLUDE *or* Pages to EXCLUDE. 

* CSS is used for formatting and can be viewed/modified via the Plugin/Provider's Configuration Data in the Admin section.
* The generated markup is ready for consumption by Prince XML ( for truly book-worthy printing capabilities including 
  page numbers properly referenced in the table of contents and at the bottom of pages (all configurable via CSS).

--Tag Description--
{RenderPages X=NAME:NAME:etc} 

Where X= 
'P' - Indicates Page mode (can actually be any word that starts with p/P) 
'C' - Indicates Category mode (can actually be any word that starts with c/C) 

Where NAME= 
Category Name to INCLUDE   *Use #ALL# to include all categories
Page Name to EXCLUDE 

--Example Tags--
{RenderPages c=My First Category To Print:My Second Category To Print} - will print ONLY the Categories specified 
{RenderPages c=#ALL#} - print all categories
{RenderPages p=Sandbox:MainPage} - will print ALL Pages EXCEPT those specified 

1) Embedded {TOC}'s and the related section Edit links are removed. 
2) The created Table of Contents listing has quick links to jump to the article text. 
3) The actual article titles have the original wiki page url for links. 
4) Under Category Mode - the Table of Contents will be grouped by Category if more than 1 Category is specified. 
5) "Should" support multiple RenderPages tags on a single page (but I havent tested) 

Usage Example: 
1) Create a new wiki page 
2) Add whatever text you would like to appear on the cover of the document. (Remember the Page Title will be in H1 text at the top) 
3) Add your RenderPages tag and Save. 

*For a truly printable PDF, download and install Prince XML from
One installed, navigate to Prince's command-line engine in the installation folder:
C:\Program Files\Prince\Engine\bin\prince.exe
Run prince.exe with the following parameters:
prince.exe --javascript --input=html --baseurl= -o output.pdf

The output.pdf file will be generated complete with a real table of contents and page numbers.
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