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A Prototype Debugging Tool for MIT Scheme
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A Prototype Debugging Tool for MIT Scheme


This repo contains:

  • Toski: The desktop IDE app project
  • Extras: containing supplemental files & images (no code)


Very simply, there are only two: the OS, and the language (dependencies considered harmful)

  • MacOS, running 10.10 or higher (OS X Yosemite or higher)
    • and because it's a Cocoa Mac App, XCode is required to build the app (but not to run it)
  • MIT-Scheme already installed. Follow installation instructions here: [MIT-Scheme from GNU][install]. The location of your installation shouldn't matter.

How To Run

Assuming you are on Mac running a modern version of MacOS (10.10 or higher), and you have mit-scheme installed: simply launch the app as you would any other GUI.

You can download the fully built, GUI app here:


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