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Easier keyboard navigation. No mouse needed to click on links and stuff.
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Key Jump Chrome Extension

Pointing and clicking with your mouse can be annoying, especially if you're someone who uses only the keyboard for extended periods of time.

This Chrome extension makes it easier for you to click on links and stuff without taking your hands off your keyboard.


Install it from the Chrome Web Store

How to use

Press , (comma) on your keyboard to show hints for all links, buttons, text fields and other things you can click or focus.

Press . (period) instead to open links in new tabs when they are clicked.

Press Enter to trigger the hint for the number you've typed. For example when there are 10 links on the page you should press 1 > Enter to trigger the first hint.

The hint will be automatically triggered when the number you've typed can't match any other hints. You can disable this in the extension options so you'll aways have to use Enter to trigger them.

Press Escape to hide the hints.

Some of these shortcuts can be changed in the extension options.

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