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My dotfiles, hopefully it will run across all platform (unlikely).


My idea of using dotfiles is instead of replacing the current existing dotfiles, let each dotfile link from the home directory to the dotfiles that are checked out into each machine.

Quick Installation

I do the full installation when I am on the MAC, but the following command will get the pretty environment at the minimal effort. I use this most of the time on Linux server.

wget -O ~/.bash_prompt
echo "source ~/.bash_prompt" >> ~/.bashrc

wget -O ~/.vimrc
mkdir ~/.vim
mkdir ~/.vim/autoload
mkdir ~/.vim/backups
mkdir ~/.vim/swaps
mkdir ~/.vim/undo
mkdir ~/.vim/colors

wget -O .vim/autoload/plug.vim
wget -O ~/.vim/colors/molotov.vim
wget -O ~/.tmux.conf

source ~/.bashrc

Add this if you are to do this in script


Run PlugInstall at Vim. (Git is required.)


Add a bash script to backup the current dotfiles and link the available dotfiles form home directory to the checkout path.