Implementation of the models from "Monetary Economics 2e" by Godley and Lavoie, 2012
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Chapter 10 Model INSOUT.ipynb
Chapter 10 Model INSOUTB.ipynb
Chapter 11 Model GROWTH.ipynb
Chapter 11 Model GROWTHB.ipynb
Chapter 12 Model OPENFIX.ipynb
Chapter 12 Model OPENFIXG.ipynb
Chapter 12 Model OPENFIXR.ipynb
Chapter 12 Model OPENFLEX.ipynb
Chapter 3 Model SIM.ipynb
Chapter 3 Model SIMEX.ipynb
Chapter 4 Model PC.ipynb
Chapter 5 Model LP.ipynb
Chapter 6 Model OPEN.ipynb
Chapter 6 Model OPENG.ipynb
Chapter 6 Model OPENM.ipynb
Chapter 6 Model OPENM3.ipynb
Chapter 6 Model REG.ipynb
Chapter 7 Model BMW.ipynb
Chapter 7 Model BMWK.ipynb
Chapter 9 Model DIS.ipynb
Chapter 9 Model DISINF1.ipynb
Chapter 9 Model DISINF2.ipynb


The models are from the book "Monetary Economics 2e" by Godley and Lavoie, 2012

This implementation of the models is based on the implementation developed by Prof. Gennaro Zezza ( The models are specified and solved using the pysolve package.

To see all the notebooks, visit

Also here is an example of an interactive graph Interactive graphs

Individual files can be viewed at (using the nbviewer web site):

Chapter 3 Model SIM

Chapter 3 Model SIMEX

Chapter 4 Model PC

Chapter 5 Model LP

Chapter 6 Model REG

Chapter 6 Model OPEN

Chapter 6 Model OPENG

Chapter 6 Model OPENM

Chapter 6 Model OPENM3

Chapter 7 Model BMW

Chapter 7 Model BMWK

Chapter 9 Model DIS

Chapter 9 Model DISINF2

Chapter 10 Model INSOUT

Chapter 10 Model INSOUTB

Chapter 11 Model GROWTH

Chapter 11 Model GROWTHB

Chapter 12 Model OPENFIX

Chapter 12 Model OPENFIXR

Chapter 12 Model OPENFIXG

Chapter 12 Model OPENFLEX