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Django Kraken Project Generator

Copyright (C) Kenneth Falck 2012

The script is an opinionated project generator for easy creation and installation of Django projects.

There are two main modes of using django-kraken.

Creating a new project

To create a new project, run this anywhere: <projectname>

The script will create the project directory, create a new virtualenv and install the requirements.

Installing an existing project for local development

To install the necessary requirements of an existing project, run this in the project directory: (with no arguments)

The script will auto-detect that you are in a project directory (which contains a requirements.txt file) and install the requirements. It will also create a virtualenv for the project using virtualenvwrapper.

Project directory layout

Generated projects use a layout familiar from Heroku:

projectname (main project directory)
+--conf (Linux configuration files directory)
|  |
|  +--projectname (Nginx virtual site configuration file)
|     projectname.conf (Gunicorn Upstart service configuration file)
+--requirements.txt (PyPi requirements)
+--projectname (Django project directory)

For more information

To see full help about the options, run: --help