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Django Web Application for connecting vendors to customers
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For anyone running a small to medium business, finding the right manufacturer, contractor, logistics partner, IT partner - the list goes on- has always been difficult. These folks rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, incomplete online resources or cold-calls. It's also extremely difficult to verify the credibility or reliability due to the lack of transparency.

With IdentiFly, customers will be able to post a request and have vendors come to them. They will be able to compare the costs and benefits of choosing a particular partner. This will be the online marketplace for small to medium businesses to identify partners they need, on the fly.


Customer(s) - a company looking for a vendor/supplier to fulfill its needs

Vendor(s) - a company looking for business

Request(s) - a request for tender a Customer makes in relation to a need

Response(s) - a tender by a Vendor in response to a particular request


  • Home page with scrollable view of active listings
  • User authentication and account management
  • Create requests with form validation
  • Database filtering
  • Contact from vendor to customer

User Stories

  • Users can view all requests in a real time reel from the home page
  • Customers can create a new account
  • Customers can create a Request through a form
  • Customers can can review, edit or delete their older requests from their profile page
  • Customers can view responses from potential Vendors
  • Vendors can view details of current requests from home page
  • Vendors can submit a response to a Customer regarding a particular request


Landing Page Navbar Profile Request ERD Model


  • Database and routes created with Django
  • User authentication
  • Fully functional CRUD application
  • Fluid navigation from Navbar
  • Responsiveness


  • Django static files
  • urlpatterns
  • Django packages

Django Packages reviewed

  • django-post-office
  • django-postman
  • django-simple-search
  • djrill
  • requests
  • whitenoise
  • django-private-chat
  • django_tables2 *
  • django-crispy-forms *
  • djmoney *
  • django-bootstrap3 *

Future Goals

  • Response form for Vendors to Customers
  • Side by side comparison view of Vendor responses
  • Database of all Vendors
  • Review and rating system for both Vendor and Customer

What I learned

  • Django is very opinionated
  • A robust community is important when learning a new technology
  • Simple ideas sometimes require complex work arounds
  • Change up your pace when coding
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