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website framework built in D
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common stupid rebuild bug Jul 6, 2010


so, there's not really a whole lot you can do with it, yet... wait for the docs and stuff


This program is an integrated web server, templating system, and data abstraction layer. It's extremely fast. More later


cd core

build the necessary libs (this only needs to be done once or if you get errors about missing files)
# make libs [M32=true]

 - debug (default) - will give a lot errors and reload all panels every page load
 - release - compiles with optimization on

 - M32=true - required if you're on a 32 bit system
 - BYTECODE=true - will print the bytecode to the console as it's executed
 - WARN=true - turn on compiler warnings
 - UNITTESTS=true - turn on on unittests

# make [release|debug] [M32=true] [BYTECODE=true] [WARN=true] [UNITTESTS=true]

usually, I write the unittests first, then keep trying with UNITTESTS=true until it runs properly, then I test it in debug mode


I chose the GNU AGPL v3.0 for the same reasons MongoDB did. you can read about it here:

basically, it's GPL with a stricter copyleft.. I want your code!
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