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kennyb edited this page Sep 14, 2010 · 2 revisions

ok, brief intro… this is a web framework written in D. I will be adding examples and documentation shortyly (even some example sites) but for now…

the code is still kinda in a raw state. there are global variables galore, and some pretty serious WTF moments. if you see something you’d like changed, file an issue…

my typical workflow goes like this..

I begin by writing the unittests for the feature and compile like this until everything passes
# make UNITTESTs=true && ./core -config ../mysite/config

once it’s passing, I recompile without unittests and test the feature manually
# make && ./core -config ../mysite/config

requirements to build the code:
ldc-0.9.2+ (may work on lower versions, but is untested)
llvm-2.6+ (I know the 2.7 llvm-ld works, but ldc is built against 2.6)
llvmc-2.6+ (not technically necessary, but I’m compiling some of the C files with llvm as well)

also, a somewhat modern linux distro… I’ve been told that ubuntu works, and I have it working as well in gentoo

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