Aidan's custom Twitter API library for Java, implemented in Boid for Twitter.
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Android Notes:

We use Ant to build for Android, as we remove libraries that are not required and are built into Android itself. However, people tend to install the SDK in different locations, so before you do anything, you will need a file called with the following contents:


(Obviously changing the value to where you store the Android SDK. You will also need to install Android API Level 8 (or change the Android path in build.xml if you want to use another API level) from the android SDK package manager)

Then to build Boid's Twitter Library for Android, you can run

ant android

And it if you get Build Successful then that's awesome, and you should have a ~200kb file in the bin directory called twitter-android.jar

If you want to be even more lazy, you can make an shell script:

ant android
mv bin/twitter-android.jar ../amazing-new-app/libs/twitter-android.jar
notify-send "Boid Twitter Lib" "Built Succesfully! Refresh Eclipse"

(Ubuntu only with the libnotify utils installed)