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'name'=>'Test with some UTF-8 encoded characters',
'manu'=>'Apache Software Foundation',
'No accents here',
'This is an e acute: é',
'eaiou with circumflexes: êâîôû',
'eaiou with umlauts: ëäïöü',
'tag with escaped chars: <nicetag/>',
'escaped ampersand: Bonnie & Clyde'],
'name'=>'Solr, the Enterprise Search Server',
'manu'=>'Apache Software Foundation',
'Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities using Lucene',
'Optimized for High Volume Web Traffic',
'Standards Based Open Interfaces - XML and HTTP',
'Comprehensive HTML Administration Interfaces',
'Scalability - Efficient Replication to other Solr Search Servers',
'Flexible and Adaptable with XML configuration and Schema',
'Good unicode support: héllo (hello with an accent over the e)'],
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