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require 'sdoc'
require 'net/http'
$:.unshift File.expand_path('..', __FILE__)
require "tasks/release"
require 'railties/lib/rails/api/task'
desc "Build gem files for all projects"
task :build => "all:build"
desc "Release all gems to rubygems and create a tag"
task :release => "all:release"
PROJECTS = %w(activesupport activemodel actionpack actionview actionmailer activerecord railties activejob)
desc 'Run all tests by default'
task :default => %w(test test:isolated)
%w(test test:isolated package gem).each do |task_name|
desc "Run #{task_name} task for all projects"
task task_name do
errors = []
PROJECTS.each do |project|
system(%(cd #{project} && #{$0} #{task_name})) || errors << project
fail("Errors in #{errors.join(', ')}") unless errors.empty?
desc "Smoke-test all projects"
task :smoke do
(PROJECTS - %w(activerecord)).each do |project|
system %(cd #{project} && #{$0} test:isolated)
system %(cd activerecord && #{$0} sqlite3:isolated_test)
desc "Install gems for all projects."
task :install => "all:install"
desc "Generate documentation for the Rails framework"
if ENV['EDGE']'rdoc')
desc 'Bump all versions to match RAILS_VERSION'
task :update_versions => "all:update_versions"
# We have a webhook configured in GitHub that gets invoked after pushes.
# This hook triggers the following tasks:
# * updates the local checkout
# * updates Rails Contributors
# * generates and publishes edge docs
# * if there's a new stable tag, generates and publishes stable docs
# Everything is automated and you do NOT need to run this task normally.
desc 'Publishes docs, run this AFTER a new stable tag has been pushed'
task :publish_docs do'', 8080).start do |http|
request ='/rails-master-hook')
response = http.request(request)
puts response.body