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Move tasks(rake) tests to under the tasks dir.

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commit a1a2db487d07fd5638e19697c2ce3a90b9eac675 1 parent 1327660
Toshinori Kajihara authored June 24, 2012
0  activerecord/test/cases/database_tasks_test.rb → activerecord/test/cases/tasks/database_tasks_test.rb
File renamed without changes
0  activerecord/test/cases/mysql_rake_test.rb → activerecord/test/cases/tasks/mysql_rake_test.rb
File renamed without changes
0  activerecord/test/cases/postgresql_rake_test.rb → ...verecord/test/cases/tasks/postgresql_rake_test.rb
File renamed without changes
0  activerecord/test/cases/sqlite_rake_test.rb → activerecord/test/cases/tasks/sqlite_rake_test.rb
File renamed without changes

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