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A Python binding to the Ideone API
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Ideone Python API

Ideone is a pastebin, as well as an online compiler and debugger. This project is a Pythonic binding to the Ideone API.


The Ideone API can also be installed with pip from PyPI using pip install ideone. Alternately, you can clone the repository and use like so

git clone
cd ideone-api
python install

Getting Started

You need an Ideone account and an API password which you can create at the Ideone registration page. After that, open up a Python shell and begin hacking.

>>> from ideone import Ideone
>>> i = Ideone('username', 'APIpassword')
>>> i.test()
{'answerToLifeAndEverything': 42,
 'error': "OK",
 'moreHelp': "",
 'oOok': True,
 'pi': 3.14}

>>> i.create_submission('print(42)', language_name='python')
{'error': 'OK',
 'link' : 'LsSbo'}

>>> i.create_submission('print(42)', language_id=166)
{'error': 'OK',
 'link' : 'FDfrM'}

>>> i.submission_details('LsSbo')
{'cmpinfo': "",
 'date': "2011-04-18 15:24:14",
 'error': "OK",
 'input': "",
 'langId': 116,
 'langName': "Python 3",
 'langVersion': "python-3.1.2",
 'memory': 5852,
 'output': 42,
 'public': True,
 'result': 15,
 'signal': 0,
 'source': "print(42)",
 'status': 0,
 'stderr': "",
 'time': 0.02}

>>> i.languages()
{'error': 'OK',
'languages': {1: "C++ (gcc-4.3.4)",
              2: "Pascal (gpc) (gpc 20070904)",
              125: "Falcon (falcon-"}}
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