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Media Center

This is a web application that hosts a registration server for viewing and uploading user content. When hosted on a private server, it provides the following features:

  • Web video conferencing through WebRTC
  • Photo uploading with integrated photo gallery
  • Social feeds through subscriptions to user posts
  • Blog hosting and activity logs
  • Social interaction through commenting and sharing public links

This web app is implemented using Django and Python, with the primary library used being Django REST Framework. The frontend uses Vue.js.

Currently few of these features are fully implemented and progress is being made on all fronts.


Please see


The Media Center application, code, and all assets included besides publically available libraries are licensed under the AGPL. If you find the Media Center application useful and would like to distribute it and/or modify its source code, feel free to contact me. You are at liberty to do so in compliance with the license, see LICENSE for more details.