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= Changelog
=== Version 0.6.6
- # 15198: After a file was opened in Vim, the focus was not in Vim, so if you
started typing, you would type in the file list, not in Vim. This has been
corrected. Thanks to Gerda Shank for the bug report.
- # 14387: A new option is now available to start a login shell by default in
the terminal window. The option :terminals_login_shell is set to false by
default. If set to true, it will launch the $SHELL command if defined, the
shell defined in /etc/passwd if defined and /bin/sh otherwise. In all cases,
it will pass the -l option to the shell. Thanks to Pablo Castellazzi for the
- # 14886: When filtering, directories that contain no matching files are now
automatically hidden. Also, a new option is now available to automatically
expand the file tree when filtering. The option is
:files_auto_expand_on_filter and is set to false by default. Thanks to
Stefan for the original patch.
=== Version 0.6.5
- VimMate would crash when VTE was not present when using shortcut keys
- Changed some shortcut keys:
- CTRL+SHIFT+S: Set focus to current terminal (shell)
- CTRL+SHIFT+T: Create a new terminal
- CTRL+SHIFT+E: Set focus to search file list
- # 13210: A new option is now available to hide the status of the files. This helps
when using ellipsis since it leaves more space for the file names. The new
option is :files_show_status and it's set to true by default. Thanks to
Stephen Walker who sent me a patch for this.
=== Version 0.6.4
- VimMate now has shortcut keys to control it's various parts. Here is the
list of the shortcut keys that where added:
- CTRL+SHIFT+T: Set focus to current terminal
- CTRL+SHIFT+N: Create a new terminal
- CTRL+SHIFT+W: Close current terminal
- CTRL+PAGEDOWN: Next terminal
- CTRL+PAGEDOWN: Previous terminal
- CTRL+SHIFT+L: Set focus to file filter
- CTRL+SHIFT+F: Set focus to file list
- CTRL+SHIFT+S: Set focus to search file list
- CTRL+SHIFT+V: Set focus to Vim
Setting the focus to Vim doesn't work perfectly. If it doesn't seem to work,
you can try to press TAB or the Up or Down keys on your keyboard after using
the CTRL+SHIFT+V shortcut and it works most of the time. Thanks to Florian
Frank who sent me a patch for the first 5 shortcuts. The other shortcuts
where also added thanks to this patch by Florian Frank.
=== Version 0.6.3
- # 13212: VimMate could not be resized properly.
- # 7399, partially. A new warning has been added when too many files are
loaded by VimMate. The warning asks the user if he wants to continue. The
default number of files is 300 and can be changed by setting the option
:files_warn_too_many_files to an other number. The warning is popped every
multiple of this settings, which means at 300, 600, 900... This can be
changed by setting the option :files_warn_too_many_files_each_step to
=== Version 0.6.2
- # 7028: It's now possible to install VimMate using the provided setup.rb
or with Ruby Gems.
- Two layouts are now available. The old layout, with big terminals:
| F | |
| i | |
| l | Vim |
| e | |
| s | |
| Terminals |
And the new layout, with a big file list:
| | |
| F | |
| i | Vim |
| l | |
| e | |
| s ---------
| | Term |
The new layout is now the default. You can change this by setting the
:layout_big_terminals option to true.
- # 6761: A new way of opening files is now available. A new list of files
allows you to type only a part of a file name to see the possible files
filtered instantly. You can then select the file from the list or type
<tt>Enter</tt> directly if the file you are searching for is selected.
You can remove this new list by setting the option :files_use_search
to false. You can also specify if the search is case sensitive or not
with the option :files_search_ignore_case. The case is ignored by default.
- Long file names in the file list are now shorten with ellipsis. You can
disable ellipsis by setting the option :files_use_ellipsis to false.
- Files or directories can now be excluded on the command line. You can specify
a comma separated list of names that will be matched against the end of the
path of each files of directories. So <tt>vimmate -x html,pkg,README</tt>
will exclude any files with the names html, pkg or README. But,
<tt>vimmate -x bin/README</tt> will only exclude the file README in the bin
directory. Note that <tt>vimmate -x ME</tt> will only exclude files or
directories named ME and not files ending with ME like README.
=== Version 0.6.1
- # 6721: Added "Tab Open" in the menu. "Tab Open" is the default when opening
a file not from the menu. This can be changed by setting the option
:files_default_open_in_tabs to false.
- Better Subversion integration: Add a new menu Subversion with Add, Rename,
Delete and Revert as sub-menus.
=== Version 0.6.0
- First release
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