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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Togl Bindings and Cells/Tk Interfaces
Copyright (C) 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :celtk)
(define-foreign-library Togl
(:darwin (:or "libTogl1.7.dylib"
(:windows (:or "togl17.dll"))
(:unix "/usr/lib/Togl1.7/"))
(defctype togl-struct-ptr-type :pointer)
;;; --- Togl (Version 1.7 and above needed!) -----------------------------
(defcfun ("Togl_Init" Togl-Init) tcl-retcode
(interp :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_PostRedisplay" togl-post-redisplay) :void
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_SwapBuffers" togl-swap-buffers) :void
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_Ident" Togl-Ident) :string
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_Width" Togl-Width) :int
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_Height" Togl-Height) :int
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
(defcfun ("Togl_Interp" Togl-Interp) :pointer
(togl-struct-ptr :pointer))
;; Togl_AllocColor
;; Togl_FreeColor
;; Togl_LoadBitmapFont
;; Togl_UnloadBitmapFont
;; Togl_SetClientData
;; Togl_ClientData
;; Togl_UseLayer
;; Togl_ShowOverlay
;; Togl_HideOverlay
;; Togl_PostOverlayRedisplay
;; Togl_OverlayDisplayFunc
;; Togl_ExistsOverlay
;; Togl_GetOverlayTransparentValue
;; Togl_IsMappedOverlay
;; Togl_AllocColorOverlay
;; Togl_FreeColorOverlay
;; Togl_DumpToEpsFile
(export '(togl with-togl togl-interp togl-swap-buffers togl-post-redisplay togl-ptr togl-reshape-func
togl togl-timer-using-class togl-post-redisplay togl-reshape-using-class
togl-display-using-class togl-width togl-height togl-create-using-class)))
;; --- gotta call this bad boy during initialization, I guess any time after we have an interpreter
(defun tk-togl-init (interp)
;(assert (not (zerop (tcl-init-stubs interp "8.1" 0))))
;(assert (not (zerop (tk-init-stubs interp "8.1" 0))))
(togl-init interp)
(togl-create-func (callback togl-create))
(togl-destroy-func (callback togl-destroy))
(togl-display-func (callback togl-display))
(togl-reshape-func (callback togl-reshape))
(togl-timer-func (callback togl-timer)) ;; probably want to make this optional
(export! togl-ptr-set ^togl-ptr-set)
(deftk togl (widget)
((togl-ptr :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :togl-ptr :accessor togl-ptr)
(togl-ptr-set :initform (c-in nil) :initarg :togl-ptr-set :accessor togl-ptr-set
:documentation "very complicated, don't ask (togl-ptr cannot wait on ufb processing)")
(cb-create :initform nil :initarg :cb-create :reader cb-create)
(cb-display :initform nil :initarg :cb-display :reader cb-display)
(cb-reshape :initform nil :initarg :cb-reshape :reader cb-reshape)
(cb-destroy :initform nil :initarg :cb-destroy :reader cb-destroy)
(cb-timer :initform nil :initarg :cb-timer :reader cb-timer))
(:tk-spec togl
-width ;; 400 Width of widget in pixels.
-height ;; 400 Height of widget in pixels.
-ident ;; "" A user identification string ignored by togl.
;; This can be useful in your C callback functions
;; to determine which Togl widget is the caller.
-rgba ;; true If true, use RGB(A) mode
;; If false, use Color Index mode
-redsize ;; 1 Min bits per red component
-greensize ;; 1 Min bits per green component
-bluesize ;; 1 Min bits per blue component
-double ;; false If false, request a single buffered window
;; If true, request double buffered window
-depth ;; false If true, request a depth buffer
-depthsize ;; 1 Min bits of depth buffer
-accum ;; false If true, request an accumulation buffer
-accumredsize ;; 1 Min bits per accum red component
-accumgreensize ;; 1 Min bits per accum green component
-accumbluesize ;; 1 Min bits per accum blue component
-accumalphasize ;; 1 Min bits per accum alpha component
-alpha ;; false If true and -rgba is true, request an alpha
;; channel
-alphasize ;; 1 Min bits per alpha component
-stencil ;; false If true, request a stencil buffer
-stencilsize ;; 1 Min number of stencil bits
-auxbuffers ;; 0 Desired number of auxiliary buffers
-privatecmap ;; false Only applicable in color index mode.
;; If false, use a shared read-only colormap.
;; If true, use a private read/write colormap.
-overlay ;; false If true, request overlay planes.
-stereo ;; false If true, request a stereo-capable window.
(-timer-interval -time) ;; 1 Specifies the interval, in milliseconds, for
; calling the C timer callback function which
; was registered with Togl_TimerFunc.
-sharelist ;; "" Name of an existing Togl widget with which to
; share display lists.
-sharecontext ;; "" Name of an existing Togl widget with which to
; share the OpenGL context. NOTE: most other
; attributes such as double buffering, RGBA vs CI,
; ancillary buffer specs, etc are then ignored.
-indirect ;; false If present, request an indirect rendering context.
; A direct rendering context is normally requested.
:double t
:rgba t
:alpha t
:id (gentemp "TOGL")
:ident (c? (^path))))
(defmacro with-togl ((togl-form width-var height-var) &body body &aux (togl (gensym))(togl-ptr (gensym)))
`(let* ((,togl ,togl-form)
(,togl-ptr (togl-ptr ,togl)))
(when ,togl-ptr
(let ((*tki* (togl-interp ,togl-ptr))
(,width-var (togl-width ,togl-ptr))
(,height-var (togl-height ,togl-ptr)))
(defmacro def-togl-callback (root (&optional (ptr-var 'togl-ptr)(self-var 'self)) &body preamble)
(let ((register$ (format nil "TOGL-~a-FUNC" root))
(cb$ (format nil "TOGL-~a" root))
(cb-slot$ (format nil "CB-~a" root))
(uc$ (format nil "TOGL-~a-USING-CLASS" root)))
(defcfun (,(format nil "Togl_~:(~a~)Func" root) ,(intern register$))
(callback :pointer))
(defcallback ,(intern cb$) :void ((,ptr-var :pointer))
(unless (c-stopped)
(bif (,self-var (or (gethash (pointer-address ,ptr-var) (tkwins *tkw*))
(gethash (togl-ident ,ptr-var)(dictionary *tkw*))))
(trc nil "selves" ,cb$ (togl-ident ,ptr-var) (gethash (pointer-address ,ptr-var) (tkwins *tkw*))(gethash (togl-ident ,ptr-var)(dictionary *tkw*)))
(,(intern uc$) ,self-var))
(trc "WARNING: Togl callback ~a sees unknown togl pointer ~a :address ~a :ident ~a"
,cb$ ,ptr-var (pointer-address ,ptr-var) (togl-ident ,ptr-var)))))
(defmethod ,(intern uc$) :around ((self togl))
(if (,(intern cb-slot$) self)
(funcall (,(intern cb-slot$) self) self)
(defmethod ,(intern uc$) ((self togl))))))
(def-togl-callback create ()
(trc "___________________ TOGL SET UP _________________________________________" togl-ptr )
;;; ;
;;; ; just comment out these next two lines if not using Cello
;;; ;
;;; (setf cl-ftgl:*ftgl-ogl* togl-ptr) ;; help debug failure to use lazy cells/classes to defer FTGL till Ogl ready
;;; (kt-opengl:kt-opengl-reset)
;;; ; ^^^^^ above two needed only for cello ^^^^^^
;;; ;
(setf (togl-ptr self) togl-ptr) ;; this cannot be deferred
(setf (togl-ptr-set self) togl-ptr) ;; this gets deferred, which is OK
(setf (gethash (pointer-address togl-ptr) (tkwins *tkw*)) self))
(def-togl-callback display ())
(def-togl-callback reshape ())
(def-togl-callback destroy ())
(def-togl-callback timer ())
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self togl))
(with-integrity (:client `(:make-tk ,self))
(setf (gethash (^path) (dictionary .tkw)) self)
(trc nil "making togl!!!!!!!!!!!!" (path self)(tk-configurations self))
(tk-format-now "togl ~a ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}"
(path self)(tk-configurations self))))