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(in-package :celtk)
(defmodel expander (frame-stack)
((label :initarg :label :accessor label :initform (c-in nil))
(expansion :initarg :expansion :accessor expansion :initform nil)
(expanded :initarg :expanded :accessor expanded :initform (c-in nil)))
:fm-parent (error "expander widget must have some kind of parent")))
(defmacro mk-expander ((&rest inits) &body body)
`(make-instance 'expander
:fm-parent *parent*
:expansion (c? (the-kids ,@body))
:expanded (c-in t)
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-button-ex ((^label) (setf (expanded (upper self expander))
(not (expanded (upper self expander))))))
:kids-packing (c? (when (^kids)
(if (^expanded)
(format nil "pack~{ ~a~} -side top -anchor nw -padx ~a -pady ~a"
(mapcar 'path (^kids))
(^padx) (^pady))
(format nil "pack forget~{ ~a~}"
(mapcar 'path (cdr (^kids)))))))))
(defmodel expander-test (window)
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-stack (:packing (c?pack-self))
(mk-expander (:label "hi")
(mk-label :text "hi")
(mk-label :text "ho")))))))
(defun test-andy-expander ()
(test-window 'expander-test))