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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Celtk -- Cells, Tcl, and Tk
Copyright (C) 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
;;; $Header: /project/cells/cvsroot/Celtk/entry.lisp,v 1.19 2008/03/23 11:36:42 fgoenninger Exp $
(in-package :celtk)
(deftk entry (widget)
((text :initarg :text :accessor text :initform nil))
(:tk-spec entry
-background -borderwidth -cursor
-disabledforeground -disabledbackground -exportselection (tkfont -font) -foreground
-highlightbackground -highlightcolor -highlightthickness
-insertbackground -insertborderwidth -insertofftime -insertontime
-insertwidth (tk-justify -justify)
-relief -selectbackground -selectborderwidth -selectforeground
-takefocus -textvariable
-invalidcommand -readonlybackground -show -state
-validate -validatecommand -width )
:id (gentemp "ENT")
:xscrollcommand (c-in nil)
:textvariable (c? (intern (^path)))
:event-handler (lambda (self xe)
(trc nil "ENTRY event-handler" self (xsv type xe) (tk-event-type (xsv type xe)))
(case (tk-event-type (xsv type xe))
(trc "ENTRY virtual event" (xsv name xe))
(let ((event-id (intern
(string-upcase (xsv name xe)))
(case event-id
(trc "entry e/h trace" self
(when (plusp (xsv user-data xe))
(tcl-get-string (xsv user-data xe))))
;; assuming write op, but data field shows that
(let ((new-value (tcl-get-var *tki* (^path)
(var-flags :tcl-namespace-only))))
(unless (string= new-value (^value))
(setf (^value) new-value)))))))))
:value (c-in "")))
(defmethod md-awaken :after ((self entry)) ;; move this to a traces slot on widget
(with-integrity (:client `(:trace ,self))
(tk-format-now "trace add variable ~a write TraceOP" (^path))))
;;; /// this next replicates the handling of tk-mirror-variable because
;;; those leverage the COMMAND mechanism, which entry lacks
(defobserver .value ((self entry))
(trc nil "ENTRY self new-value old-value" self new-value old-value)
(when new-value
(unless (string= new-value old-value)
(trc "ENTRY value output self new-value old-value" self new-value old-value) ;; frgo, 2007-11-22
(tcl-set-var *tki* (^path) new-value (var-flags :tcl-namespace-only))
#+frgo (tk-format-now "~a -text ~A" (^path) new-value))))
(deftk text-widget (widget)
((modified :initarg :modified :accessor modified :initform nil))
(:tk-spec text
-background -borderwidth -cursor
-exportselection (tkfont -font) -foreground
-highlightbackground -highlightcolor -highlightthickness
-insertbackground -insertborderwidth -insertofftime -insertontime
-insertwidth -padx -pady -relief
-selectbackground -selectborderwidth -selectforeground
-setgrid -takefocus -xscrollcommand -yscrollcommand
-autoseparators -blockcursor -endline -height
-inactiveselectionbackground -maxundo
-spacing1 -spacing2 -spacing3 -startline
-state -tabs -tabstyle
-undo -width -wrap)
:id (gentemp "TXT")
:value (c-in "<your text here>")
:tile? nil
:xscrollcommand (c-in nil)
:yscrollcommand (c-in nil)
:modified (c-in nil)
:borderwidth (c? (if (^modified) 8 2))
:event-handler (lambda (self xe)
(case (tk-event-type (xsv type xe))
(case (read-from-string (string-upcase (xsv name xe)))
(eko (nil "<<Modified>> !!TK value for text-widget" self) ;; frgo, 2007-11-22
(setf (^modified) t)))))
(defmethod clear ((self text-widget))
(setf (value self) nil))
(defobserver .value ((self text-widget))
(trc nil "value output" self new-value)
(with-integrity (:client `(:variable ,self))
(tk-format-now "~a delete 1.0 end" (^path))
(when (plusp (length new-value))
(tk-format-now "~a insert end {~a}" (^path) new-value)) ;; kt060528: simple {} seems to block evaluation
;; Yes, it does. But we had to change ~s to ~a also in order to prevent
;; side effects - frgo 2006-05-29 1:30 am ;-)
(tk-format-now "update idletasks"))) ;; Causes a display update after each text widget operation.