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;;; 1. Grab these:
;;; Celtk:
;;; CFFI:
;;; cl-opengl:;a=summary
;;; At the bottom of any of those pages look for a "Download tarball" link. Except cl-opengl, those guys
;;; are not download-friendly.
;;; 2. Get ASDF loaded. From we learn:
;;; "If you have SBCL, OpenMCL, ECL or ACL, it's bundled and you need only (require 'asdf).
;;; If you have Debian or Gentoo and the Common Lisp Controller installed, you also
;;; already have it. Otherwise you can find it in the Sourceforge cCLan CVS repository:
;;; "
;;; 3. If the automatic options in step 2 could not be used, adjust the path and evaluate
(load (make-pathname #+lispworks :host #-lispworks :device "c"
:directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells")
:name "asdf"
:type "lisp"))
;;; 4. Only after you have gotten ASDF loaded, you can tell ASDF
;;; where you put everything by adjusting these paths and evaluating:
(push (make-pathname #+lispworks :host #-lispworks :device "c"
:directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells"))
(push (make-pathname #+lispworks :host #-lispworks :device "c"
:directory '(:absolute "1-devtools" "cffi"))
(push (make-pathname #+lispworks :host #-lispworks :device "c"
:directory '(:absolute "0dev" "Celtk"))
;;; 5. Track down all the define-foreign-library calls in the source
;;; and fix the pathnames to point to your shared libraries. Recently these were:
;;; In tk-interp.lisp, Tcl and Tk d-f-ls.
;;; 6. Now you can try building the whole mess. Warning: I use ":serial t" to work around
;;; silly ASDF default behavior, so if you start fiddling with the code you may not want
;;; to use ASDF to build (or comment out the :serial option until the next session):
;;; and test:
(ctk::test-window 'celtk-user::lotsa-widgets)
;;; To see the OpenGL Gears demo, some heavy lifting is required.
;;; 1. Get, install, and test Togl. Here is a Web link:
;;; If you are on win32 and have trouble, send an email to the list and I will send you a DLL
;;; 2. You already grabbed cl-opengl from the location shown above. Now:
(push (make-pathname #+lispworks :host #-lispworks :device "c"
:directory '(:absolute "1-devtools" "cl-opengl"))
;;; 3. Adjust the pathname again in togl.lisp, in the define-foreign-library for Togl.
;;; 4. Build:
;;; 5. Test:
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