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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Celtk -- Cells, Tcl, and Tk
Copyright (C) 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :celtk-user)
;;; Creates a pathname with NAME and TYPE in the same
;;; directory/host/device/whatever as this lisp file. Tries to get
;;; that at compile time to cope with some useful ASDF extensions that
;;; place fasls in arbitrary places.
(defun data-pathname (name type)
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name name :type type)
#.(or *compile-file-truename* *load-truename*)))
(defmodel lotsa-widgets (window)
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-row (:packing (c?pack-self))
(mk-label :text "aaa"
:image-files (list (list 'kt (data-pathname "kt69" "gif")))
:height 400
:width 200
:image (c? (format nil "~(~a.~a~)" (ctk::^path) 'kt)))
(mk-row ()
(mk-stack ()
(mk-row ()
(mk-stack ()
:id :my-text
:value (c?n "hello, world")
:height 8
:width 25)
(mk-stack ()
(mk-row (:id :radio-ny :selection (c-in 'yes))
(mk-radiobutton-ex ("yes" 'yes))
(mk-radiobutton-ex ("no" 'no))
(mk-label :text (c? (string (selection (upper self tk-selector))))))
(mk-row ()
(mk-checkbutton :id :check-me
:text "Check Me"
:value (c-in t))
(mk-label :text (c? (if (fm^v :check-me) "checked" "unchecked"))))
(mk-row ()
(mk-button-ex ("Time now?" (setf (fm^v :push-time)
(mk-label :text (c? (time-of-day (^value)))
:id :push-time
:value (c-in (get-universal-time))))
(mk-row (:layout-anchor 'sw)
(mk-entry :id :enter-me)
(mk-label :text (c? (conc$ "echo " (fm^v :enter-me))))))
(mk-stack ()
(mk-row ()
(mk-button-ex ("Serious Demo" (plug-n-play-movie (fm^ :play-me)
:id :serious-demo)
(mk-button-ex ("Celtk?" (plug-n-play-movie (fm^ :play-me)
(mk-movie :id :play-me
:loopstate (c-in 0) :palindromeloopstate (c-in 0)
:tk-file (c? (let ((entry (fm^v :enter-me)))
((find entry '("bush" "war" "anger" "hate") :test 'string-equal)
((find entry '("sex" "drugs" "rock-n-roll" "peace") :test 'string-equal)
(t "c:/0dev/celtk/" #+not .cache))))))))))))))
(defun style-by-edit-menu ()
(mk-row ("Style by Edit Menu")
(mk-label :text "Four score and seven years ago today"
:wraplength 600
:tkfont (c? (list
(selection (fm^ :app-font-face))
(selection (fm^ :app-font-size))
(if (fm^v :app-font-italic)
'italic 'roman)
(if (fm^v :app-font-bold)
'bold 'normal))))))
(defun spin-package-with-symbols ()
(mk-stack ()
:id :spin-pkg
:value (cells::c?n "cells")
:tk-values (mapcar 'down$
(sort (mapcar 'package-name
:id :spinpkg-sym-list
:list-height 6
:list-item-keys (c? (let* ((spinner (fm^ :spin-pkg))
(item (when spinner (value spinner)))
(pkg (find-package (string-upcase item))))
(when pkg
(loop for sym being the symbols in pkg
for n below 25
counting sym into symct
collecting sym into syms
finally (return syms)))))
:list-item-factory (lambda (sym)
(make-instance 'listbox-item
:fm-parent *parent*
:value sym
:item-text (down$ (symbol-name sym)))))))
(defun duelling-scrolled-lists ()
(mk-row ()
:id :pkg-list
:selection (c-in (find-package "ASDF"))
:list-height 6
:list-item-keys (list-all-packages)
:list-item-factory (lambda (pkg)
(make-instance 'listbox-item
:fm-parent *parent*
:value pkg
:item-text (down$ (package-name pkg)))))
:id :pkg-sym-list
:list-height 6
:list-item-keys (c? (bwhen (pkg (selection (fm^ :pkg-list)))
(loop for sym being the present-symbols in pkg
for n below 25
collecting sym)))
:list-item-factory (lambda (sym)
(make-instance 'listbox-item
:value sym
:fm-parent *parent*
:item-text (down$ (symbol-name sym)))))))
(defun assorted-canvas-items ()
:height 350
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-bitmap :coords (list 140 140)
:bitmap (conc$ "@" (namestring (data-pathname "x1" "xbm"))))
(mk-rectangle :coords (list 10 10 100 60)
:tk-fill "red")
(mk-text-item :coords (list 100 80)
:text "i am an item"
:tk-fill 'blue)
(mk-arc :coords (list 10 100 100 160)
:start 45
:tk-fill "orange")
(mk-line :coords (list 250 10 300 40 250 70 400 100)
:width 8
:smooth 'bezier
:joinstyle 'miter
:arrow 'both
:tk-fill 'purple)
(mk-oval :coords (list 10 200 100 260)
:tk-fill "yellow")
(mk-polygon :coords (list 250 210 300 220 340 200 260 180)
:width 4
:tk-fill 'green
:smooth 'bezier
:joinstyle 'miter)
(mk-arc :coords (list 10 300 100 360)
:start 45
:tk-fill "white")
(defun style-by-widgets ()
(mk-stack ("Style by Widgets" :id :widstyle)
(mk-row (:id :stywid
:packing-side 'left
:layout-anchor 'sw)
:id :font-face
:initial-value (c? (second (^entry-values)))
:entry-values (c? (subseq (tk-eval-list "font families") 4 10)))
(mk-scale :id :font-size
:value (c-in 14)
:tk-label "Font Size"
:from 7 :to 24
:orient 'horizontal))
(mk-label :text "Four score and seven years ago today, our fathers broguht forth on this continent a new nation..."
:wraplength 200
:tk-justify 'left
:tkfont (c? (list
(selection (fm^ :font-face))
(value (fm^ :font-size)))))))
(defun demo-all-menubar ()
:id 'mbar
:kids (c? (the-kids
:id 'file
:label "File"
:kids (c? (the-kids
:id 'filemenu
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "New" :command "tk_getOpenFile") ;; not quite right, is it?
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Open" :command "tk_getOpenFile")
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Close" :command "{destroy .}")
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Quit"
:state (c? (if t ;; (value (fm^ :check-me))
'normal 'disabled))
:command "tk_getOpenFile"))))))) ;; 'exit' in production, but under dev would take out Lisp IDE
:id 'editcascade
:label "Edit"
:kids (c? (the-kids
:id 'editmenu
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Undo"
:on-command (lambda (self)
(trc "edit menu undo" self)))
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Cut" :command "exit")
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Copy" :command "exit")
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Paste" :command "exit")
(mk-menu-entry-command :label "Clear" :command "exit")
(mk-menu-radio-group :id :app-font-face
:selection (c-in "courier")
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-menu-entry-radiobutton :label "Times" :value "times")
(mk-menu-entry-radiobutton :label "Courier" :value "courier")
(mk-menu-entry-radiobutton :label "Helvetica" :value "helvetica"))))
:id :app-font-size
:label "Font Size"
:menu (c? (path (kid1 self)))
:selection (c-in 12)
:kids (c? (the-kids
:id :fsztoff
:tearoff 1
:kids (c? (the-kids
(loop for (label value) in '(("9" 9)("12" 12)("14" 14))
collecting (mk-menu-entry-radiobutton :label label :value value))))))))
(mk-menu-entry-checkbutton :id :app-font-italic :label "Italic")
(mk-menu-entry-checkbutton :id :app-font-bold :label "Bold" :value (c-in t))))))))))))