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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Celtk -- Cells, Tcl, and Tk
Copyright (C) 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :celtk)
#| do list
dynamic add/remove
;;; --- menu bars -----------------------------------
(defmodel menubar (menu)())
(defun mk-menubar (&rest inits)
(apply 'make-instance 'menubar
:fm-parent *parent*
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self menubar))
(tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "menu ~a -tearoff 0 -type menubar ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}" (^path) (tk-configurations self))
;;; (let ((opts (tk-class-options self))
;;; (figs (tk-configurations self)))
;;; (trc (background self) " menu-figs!!!!!!!!!!!!" figs :opts opts)
;;; (tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "menu ~a ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}" ;; call to this GF now integrity-wrapped by caller
;;; (path self) figs))
(tk-format `(:configure ,self) ". configure -menu ~a" (^path)))
;;; --- menus -------------------------------------------
(deftk menu (widget)
((label :initarg :label :initform nil :accessor label))
(:tk-spec menu -activebackground -activeborderwidth -activeforeground -background
-borderwidth -cursor -disabledforeground (tkfont -font)
-foreground -relief -takefocus
-postcommand -selectcolor -tearoff -tearoffcommand
(-title nil) (-tk-type -type))
:id (gentemp "MNU")))
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self menu))
(trc nil "maketkinstance menu" self :parent .parent (type-of .parent)
:grandpar (fm-parent .parent) (type-of (fm-parent .parent)))
(tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "menu ~a -tearoff 0" (^path)))
(defmacro mk-menu-ex (&rest submenus)
`(mk-menu :kids (c? (the-kids ,@submenus))))
(defmethod make-tk-instance :after ((self menu))
(trc nil "make-tk-instance > traversing menu" self)
(fm-menu-traverse self
(lambda (entry &aux (menu self))
(assert (typep entry 'menu-entry))
(trc nil "make-tk-instance visiting menu entry" (path menu) entry)
(tk-format `(:post-make-tk ,self) "~(~a~) add ~(~a~) ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}"
(path menu)
(tk-class entry)
(tk-configurations entry)))))
;;; --- menu entries ------------------------------------
;;; these get created a lot diff than widgets and items, and the path is
;;; specified diff, so we start a new object hierarchy for them
(defmodel menu-entry (tk-object)
((idx :cell nil :initarg :idx :accessor idx :initform nil))
(:documentation "e.g, New, Open, Save in a File menu"))
(defmethod idx :around ((self menu-entry))
(or (call-next-method)
(setf (idx self)
(block count-to-self
(let ((i -1)
(menu (upper self menu)))
(fm-menu-traverse menu
(lambda (entry)
(assert (typep entry 'menu-entry))
(incf i)
(when (eq entry self)
(return-from count-to-self i)))))))))
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self menu-entry))
"Parent has to do this to get them in the right order"
(setf (gethash (path-idx self) (dictionary .tkw)) self))
(defmethod parent-path ((self menu-entry))
(path .parent))
(defmethod path-idx ((self menu-entry))
"This method hopefully gets used only internally and not given to Tcl qua thing name, which will not recognize it"
(assert (idx self))
(format nil "~a.~a" (path (upper self menu))(idx self)))
(defun fm-menu-traverse (family fn)
"Traverse family arbitrarily deep as need to reach all menu-entries
without recursively penetrating nested menu (in which case menu-entries
encountered would belong to that menu, versus the one on which fm-menu-traverse
was implicitly invoked (which is why menu is not passed to callback fn))."
(loop for k in (kids family)
do (typecase k
(menu-entry (funcall fn k))
(menu (c-break "not stopped at cascade?"))
(family (fm-menu-traverse k fn)))))
(defmethod not-to-be :after ((self menu-entry))
(unless (find .tkw *windows-destroyed*)
(trc "whacking menu-entry" (path-idx self)(path (upper self menu))(idx self))
;(trace tk-format)
#+dissed(tk-format `(:destroy ,self) "~a delete ~a" (path (upper self menu)) (idx self))))
(defmethod tk-configure ((self menu-entry) option value)
(assert (>= (idx self) 0) () "cannot configure menu-entry ~a until instantiated and index decided" self)
(tk-format `(:configure ,self) "~A entryconfigure ~a ~(~a~) ~a"
(path (upper self menu)) (idx self) option (tk-send-value value)))
(deftk menu-entry-separator (menu-entry)
(:tk-spec separator -columnbreak))
(deftk menu-entry-usable (menu-entry)
(:tk-spec menu -activebackground -activeforeground -accelerator -background
-bitmap -columnbreak -command
-compound (tkfont -font) -foreground -hidemargin
-image -label -state -underline))
(defobserver accelerator :around ((self menu-entry-usable))
(with-integrity (:client '(:bind nil))
(when new-value
(tk-format-now "bind . <~a> {~a invoke ~a}" new-value (path (upper self menu)) (idx self)))))
(deftk menu-entry-cascade (tk-selector family menu-entry-usable)
(:tk-spec cascade
:menu (c? (path (kid1 self)))))
(defmacro mk-menu-entry-cascade-ex ((&rest initargs) &rest submenus)
:kids (c? (the-kids (mk-menu :kids (c? (the-kids ,@submenus)))))))
(defmethod path ((self menu-entry-cascade))
(format nil "~(~a.~a~)" (path .parent) (md-name self)))
(defmethod tk-output-selection ((self menu-entry-cascade) new-value old-value old-value-boundp)
(declare (ignorable old-value old-value-boundp))
(when (and new-value #+not (not old-value-boundp))
(tk-format `(:selection ,self)
(if (listp new-value) "set ~(~a~) {~{~a~^ ~}}" "set ~(~a~) ~s")
(^path) new-value)))
(deftk menu-entry-command (menu-entry-usable)
(:tk-spec command -command)
:command (c? (format nil "do-on-command ~a" (path-idx self)))))
(defmacro mk-menu-entry-command-ex ((&rest menu-command-initargs) lbl callback-body)
:label ,lbl
:on-command (lambda (self)
(declare (ignorable self))
(deftk menu-entry-button (menu-entry-command)
(:tk-spec command
(tk-variable nil) -selectcolor -selectimage -indicatoron))
; --- menu check button -----------------------------------
(deftk menu-entry-checkbutton (menu-entry-command)
(:tk-spec checkbutton
(tk-variable -variable)
:value (c-in nil)
:tk-variable (c? (format nil "~a.~(~a~)" (path .parent)(md-name self)))
:on-command (lambda (self)
(setf (^value) (not (^value))))))
(defobserver .value ((self menu-entry-checkbutton))
(trc nil "defobserver value menu-entry-checkbutton" self new-value old-value-boundp)
(when (and new-value (not old-value-boundp))
(tk-format `(:variable ,self) "set ~a ~a" (^tk-variable) (if new-value 1 0))))
; --- menu radio button -----------------------------------
(deftk menu-entry-radiobutton (menu-entry-command)
(:tk-spec radiobutton
(tk-variable -variable)
:tk-variable (c? (down$ (path (upper self tk-selector))))
:on-command (lambda (self)
(declare (ignore key args))
(trc "menu radio button command firing" self (^value) (upper self tk-selector))
(setf (selection (upper self tk-selector)) (^value)))))
(defmodel menu-radio-group (tk-selector family)
((.md-name :cell nil :initform (gentemp "RG") :initarg :id))
(:documentation "Sits in Celtk menu tree managing radio buttons but has no Tk correlate"))
(defmethod path ((self menu-radio-group))
(format nil "~(~a.~a~)" (path .parent) (md-name self)))
(defun mk-menu-radio-group (&rest inits)
(apply 'make-instance 'menu-radio-group
:fm-parent *parent*
(defmethod parent-path ((self menu-radio-group))
(path .parent))
(defmethod tk-output-selection ((self menu-radio-group) new-value old-value old-value-boundp)
(declare (ignorable old-value old-value-boundp))
(trc nil "selection output for radio group" self new-value old-value old-value-boundp (^path))
(unless old-value-boundp ;; just needed for initialization; Tk manages variable afterwards
(tk-format `(:variable ,self) "set ~(~a~) ~a" (^path) (tk-send-value new-value))))
(deftk menubutton (widget)
((menu-values :initarg :menu-values :accessor menu-values :initform nil))
(:tk-spec menubutton -activebackground -activeforeground -anchor -background
-bitmap -borderwidth -cursor -disabledforeground
(tkfont -font) -foreground -highlightbackground -highlightcolor
-highlightthickness -image (tk-justify -justify) -padx
-pady -relief -takefocus -text
-textvariable -underline -wraplength
-compound -direction -height -indicatoron
(-tk-menu -menu) -state -width))
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self menubutton))
(setf (gethash (^path) (dictionary .tkw)) self)
(when (tk-class self)
(tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "~(~a~) ~a ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}"
(tk-class self) (path self)(tk-configurations self)) :stdfctry))
(deftk popup-menubutton (tk-selector menubutton)
((initial-value :initarg :initial-value :initform nil :accessor initial-value)
(entry-values :initarg :entry-values :initform nil :accessor entry-values))
(:tk-spec menubutton)
:tk-menu (c? (path (kid1 self)))
;;:text (c? (tk-send-value (or (^selection) "unselected")))
:textvariable (c? (^path))
:relief 'raised
:indicatoron 1
:kids (c? (the-kids
:kids (c? (the-kids ;; don't worry, this flattens
(loop for v in (entry-values .parent)
:label (down$ v)
:value v)))))))))
(defobserver initial-value ((self popup-menubutton))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:change self)
(setf (selection self) new-value))))
(defmethod tk-output-selection ((self popup-menubutton) new-value old-value old-value-boundp)
(declare (ignorable old-value old-value-boundp))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:client `(:selection ,self))
(if (listp new-value) "set ~(~a~) {~{~a~^ ~}}" "set ~(~a~) ~s")
(^path) new-value))))