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(in-package :celtk)
;--- n o t e b o o k ----------------------------------------------
(deftk notebook (widget decoration-mixin)
(:tk-spec notebook
-height -padding -width)
:id (gentemp "NB")
:packing nil))
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self notebook))
(tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "ttk::notebook ~a" (^path))
(tk-format `(:pack ,self) "pack ~a -expand yes -fill both" (^path)))
(defobserver .kids ((self notebook))
(loop for k in (^kids)
do (trc "ttk::notebook adds" k (type-of k) (md-name k) (path k))
(tk-format `(:post-make-tk ,self) "~a add ~a -text ~a"
(path k)
(text k))))
;--- t a b -----------------------------------------------------------
(deftk tab (frame-stack widget)
(:tk-spec tab
-state -sticky -padding -text -image)
:id (gentemp "TB")))
(defmacro mk-tab-ex ((&rest inits) &body body)
`(make-instance 'tab :fm-parent *parent* ,@inits
:kids (c? (the-kids
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self tab))
(tk-format `(:make-tk ,self) "frame ~a" (^path)))
;--- example usage ---------------------------------------------------
(defmd nb-test (window)
(kids (c? (the-kids
:width 100
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-tab-ex (:text "first")
(mk-stack ("tab with container")
(mk-label :text "hi")))
(mk-tab-ex (:text "second")
(mk-label :text "a")
(mk-label :text "b")))))))))
(defun test-nb ()
(test-window 'nb-test))