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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Celtk -- Cells, Tcl, and Tk
Copyright (C) 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :celtk)
;;; --- widget tkwin window glue -----------------------
(defun widget-to-tkwin (self)
(tk-name-to-window *tki* (path self) (tk-main-window *tki*)))
(defun xwin-register (self)
(when (tkwin self)
(let ((xwin (tkwin-window (tkwin self))))
(unless (zerop xwin)
(setf (gethash xwin (xwins .tkw)) self)
(defun tkwin-widget (tkwin)
;;; (assert *tkw*)
;;; (assert (tkwins *tkw*) () "Widget hash NIL for *tkw* ~a" *tkw*)
;;; (gethash (pointer-address tkwin) (tkwins *tkw*))
(if (and *tkw* (tkwins *tkw*))
(gethash (pointer-address tkwin) (tkwins *tkw*))
(unless .stopped
(trc "tkw issues" *tkw* (when *tkw* (tkwins *tkw*)))
(defun xwin-widget (xwin) ;; assignment of xwin is deferred so...all this BS..
(when (plusp xwin)
(or (gethash xwin (xwins *tkw*))
(loop for self being the hash-values of (tkwins *tkw*)
using (hash-key tkwin)
unless (xwin self) ;; we woulda found it by now
do (when (eql xwin (xwin-register self))
(return-from xwin-widget self))
finally (trc "xwin-widget > no widget for xwin " xwin)))))
;;; --- widget -----------------------------------------
(defmodel widget (family tk-object)
((path :accessor path :initarg :path
:initform (c? (eko (nil "path" self (parent-path (fm-parent self))(md-name self))
(format nil "~(~a.~a~)"
(parent-path (fm-parent self))
(md-name self)))))
(tkwin :cell nil :accessor tkwin :initform nil)
(xwin :cell nil :accessor xwin :initform nil)
(packing :reader packing :initarg :packing :initform nil)
(gridding :reader gridding :initarg :gridding :initform nil)
(parent-x :reader parent-x :initarg :parent-x :initform nil)
(parent-y :reader parent-y :initarg :parent-y :initform nil)
(relx :reader relx :initarg :relx :initform nil)
(rely :reader rely :initarg :rely :initform nil)
(enabled :reader enabled :initarg :enabled :initform t)
(event-handler :reader event-handler :initarg :event-handler :initform nil)
(menus :reader menus :initarg :menus :initform nil
:documentation "An assoc of an arbitrary key and the associated CLOS menu instances (not their tk ids)")
(image-files :reader image-files :initarg :image-files :initform nil)
(tk-selector :reader tk-selector :initarg :tk-selector
:initform (c? (upper self tk-selector))))
:id (gentemp "W")
:event-handler nil #+debug (lambda (self xe)
(trc "debug event handler" self (tk-event-type (xsv type xe))))))
(export '()))
(defun tk-create-event-handler-ex (widget callback-name &rest masks)
(let ((self-tkwin (widget-to-tkwin widget)))
(assert (not (null-pointer-p self-tkwin)))
(trc nil "setting up widget virtual-event handler" widget callback-name :tkwin self-tkwin :masks masks)
(tk-create-event-handler self-tkwin
(foreign-masks-combine 'tk-event-mask :PointerMotionMask)
(get-callback callback-name)
(tk-create-event-handler self-tkwin
(apply 'foreign-masks-combine 'tk-event-mask masks)
(get-callback callback-name)
(defun widget-menu (self key)
(or (find key (^menus) :key 'md-name)
(break "The only menus I see are~{ ~a,~} not requested ~a" (mapcar 'md-name (^menus)) key)))
(defmacro ^widget-menu (key)
`(widget-menu self ,key))
(defun tkwin-register (self)
(let ((tkwin (or (tkwin self)
(setf (tkwin self)
(tk-name-to-window *tki* (^path) (tk-main-window *tki*))))))
(if (not (zerop tkwin))
(trc nil "got tkwin" self tkwin)
(break "under *tki* ~a unable to get window-ptr for ~a in main ~a" *tki* (^path) (tk-main-window *tki*)))
(setf (gethash (pointer-address tkwin) (tkwins .tkw)) self)))
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self widget))
(setf (gethash (^path) (dictionary .tkw)) self)
(trc nil "mktki" self (^path))
(with-integrity (:client `(:make-tk ,self))
(when (tk-class self)
(tk-format-now "~(~a~) ~a ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}" ;; call to this GF now integrity-wrapped by caller
(tk-class self) (path self)(tk-configurations self)))))
(defmethod tk-class :around ((self widget))
(conc$ (when (tile? self) "TTK::") (call-next-method)))
(defmethod make-tk-instance :after ((self widget))
(with-integrity (:client `(:post-make-tk ,self))
(tkwin-register self)
(tk-create-event-handler-ex self 'widget-event-handler-callback -1)))
(defobserver parent-x ((self widget))
(unless (typep self 'window)
(when new-value
(tk-format `(:grid ,self) ;; placing is like grid for this sort
"place ~a ~a -x ~a -y ~a" (if old-value "configure" "")
(^path) new-value (^parent-y)))))
(defcallback widget-event-handler-callback :void ((client-data :pointer)(xe :pointer))
(bif (self (tkwin-widget client-data))
(widget-event-handle self xe)
;; sometimes I hit the next branch restarting after crash....
(trc nil "widget-event-handler > no widget for tkwin ~a" client-data))
(bif (self (tkwin-widget client-data))
(widget-event-handle self xe)
;; sometimes I hit the next branch restarting after crash....
(trc "widget-event-handler > no widget for tkwin ~a" client-data))
(excl:simple-break (error)
(declare (ignorable error))
(trc "widget-event-handler-callback honoring break" error)
(invoke-debugger error)
(t (error)
(declare (ignorable error))
(trc "widget-event-handler-callback ignoring error" error)
;;#-demo (invoke-debugger error)
;;; #+demo
;;; (handler-case
;;; (bif (self (tkwin-widget client-data))
;;; (widget-event-handle self xe)
;;; ;; sometimes I hit the next branch restarting after crash....
;;; (trc "widget-event-handler > no widget for tkwin ~a" client-data))
;;; (t (error)
;;; (declare (ignorable error))
;;; #-demo (invoke-debugger error)
;;; ))
;;; #+development
;;; (progn
;;; (bif (self (tkwin-widget client-data))
;;; (widget-event-handle self xe)
;;; ;; sometimes I hit the next branch restarting after crash....
;;; (trc "widget-event-handler > no widget for tkwin ~a" client-data)))
(export! widget-event-handle)
(defmethod widget-event-handle ((self widget) xe) ;; override for class-specific handling
(trc nil "bingo widget-event-handle" (xevent-type xe))
(bif (h (^event-handler)) ;; support instance-specific handlers
(funcall h self xe)
(case (xevent-type xe)
(:buttonpress (trc "button pressed:" (xbe button xe)(xbe x xe)(xbe y xe)(xbe x-root xe)(xbe y-root xe)))
(:buttonrelease (trc "button released:" (xbe button xe)(xbe x xe)(xbe y xe)(xbe x-root xe)(xbe y-root xe)))(:MotionNotify
(xevent-dump xe))
(defmethod tk-configure ((self widget) option value)
(tk-format `(:configure ,self ,option) "~a configure ~(~a~) ~a" (path self) option (tk-send-value value)))
;;; --- commander mix-in --------------------------------
(defclass commander ()
:command (c? (format nil "do-on-command ~a" (^path)))))
;;; --- items -----------------------------------------------------------------------
(export '(canvas-offset ^canvas-offset coords-tweak ^coords-tweak caret-tweak ^caret-tweak
decorations ^decorations)))
(defmodel item-geometer () ;; mix-in
((canvas-offset :initarg :canvas-offset :accessor canvas-offset
:initform (c_? (eko (nil "standard canvas offset" self (type-of self) (^p-offset))
(c-offset self))))
(caret-tweak :initarg :caret-tweak :accessor caret-tweak :initform '(0 0))
(l-bounds :initarg :l-bounds :initform nil :reader l-bounds
:documentation "Vector of local left, top, right, bottom")
(p-offset :initarg :p-offset :reader p-offset :initform '(0 0))
(p-bounds :initarg :p-bounds :reader p-bounds
:documentation "Vector of parent-relative left, top, right, bottom"
:initform (c_? (when (and (^l-bounds)(^p-offset) )
(bounds-offset (^l-bounds) (^p-offset))))))
(:documentation "For things like mx-power, which inhabit canvases but need no item for visual representation."))
(defmethod l-bounds :around (i)
(or (call-next-method)
(break "no l-bounds for ~a" i)))
(defmethod anchor (other)(declare (ignore other)) nil)
(defmodel item (item-geometer tk-object)
((id-no :cell nil :initarg :id-no :accessor id-no :initform nil)
(l-coords :initarg :l-coords :initform nil :accessor l-coords)
(coords-tweak :initarg :coords-tweak :initform '(0 0) :accessor coords-tweak
:documentation "Text items need this to get positioned according to baseline")
(coords :initarg :coords :accessor coords
:initform nil #+old (c_? (eko (nil "final coords" self (anchor self)(^l-coords)(^canvas-offset)(^coords-tweak))
(loop for coord-xy = (^l-coords) then (cddr coord-xy)
while coord-xy
nconcing (mapcar '+ coord-xy (^canvas-offset) (^coords-tweak))))))
(decorations :initarg :decorations :accessor decorations :initform nil
:documentation "eg, For a left parens text item, the corresponding right parens text item")
(:documentation "Things you put on a canvas")
:id (gentemp "I")))
(defmethod make-tk-instance :around ((self item))
(when (upper self canvas)
(defmethod make-tk-instance ((self item))
(when (tk-class self)
(with-integrity (:client `(:make-tk ,self))
(assert (^coords) () "Item ~a missing req'd coords" self)
(setf (id-no self) (tk-eval "~a create ~a ~{ ~a~} ~{~(~a~) ~a~^ ~}"
(path (upper self canvas))
(down$ (tk-class self))
(coords self)
(tk-configurations self))))))
(defmethod tk-configure ((self item) option value)
(assert (id-no self) () "cannot configure item ~a until instantiated and id obtained" self)
(tk-format `(:configure ,self ,option)
"~A itemconfigure ~a ~a ~a" (path .parent) (id-no self) (down$ option) (tk-send-value value)))
(defobserver coords ()
(when (and (id-no self) new-value)
(trc nil "coords observer setting item" self (id-no self))
(tk-format `(:configure ,self)
"~a coords ~a ~{ ~a~}" (path .parent) (id-no self) new-value)))
(defmethod not-to-be :after ((self item))
(unless (find .tkw *windows-destroyed*)
;(trc "whacking item" self)
(tk-format `(:delete ,self) "~a delete ~a" (path (upper self widget)) (id-no self))))
;;; --- widget mixins ------------------------------
;;; --- tk-selector ---------------------------------------------------
(defmodel tk-selector () ;; mixin
((selection :initform nil :accessor selection :initarg :selection)
(tk-variable :initform nil :accessor tk-variable :initarg :tk-variable
:documentation "The TK node name to set as the selection changes (not the TK -variable option)"))
:selection (c-in nil)
:tk-variable (c? (^path))))
(defobserver selection ((self tk-selector))
; handling varies on this, so we hand off to standard GF lest the PROGN
; method combo on slot-listener cause multiple handling
(tk-output-selection self new-value old-value old-value-boundp))
(defmethod tk-output-selection (self new-value old-value old-value-boundp)
(declare (ignorable old-value old-value-boundp))
(trc nil "selection output" self new-value)
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:client `(:variable ,self))
(let ((v$ (if (stringp new-value) ;; just going slow on switching over to C API before changing tk-send-value
(tk-send-value new-value))))
(tcl-set-var *tki* (tk-variable self) v$ (var-flags :tcl-namespace-only))))))
;;; --- menus ---------------------------------
(defun pop-up (menu x y)
(trc nil "popping up" menu x y)
(tk-format-now "tk_popup ~A ~A ~A" (path menu) x y))
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