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Welcome to the celtk wiki!

Today we not only move to github but we also largely got celtk ported from Windows to Linux. Nothing to it really.

It requires CFFI (and with this move we also switch to a current copy of CFFI) and CFFI requires several more projects all available on cliki.

Oh, and it requires a little thing called Tcl/Tk, which I got from the ActiveState site itself and installed under /opt. You’ll have to tweak that hard-code if you put it elsewhere.

Branch celtk-3d includes code to load Togl1.7. To build the I had to (or think I had to) do source builds of Tcl and Tk and then on Ubuntu do a ‘sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev’ to get a couple of headers. Then it was a breeze.

Commented out for now is Snack, but that was easy, just a “require snack” or whatever that syntax is and off I went.

There is still a problem closing the lotsa-widgets demo, but right now I think I will move on to Cello and see how far I get.

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