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Installs compiler artifacts generated fresh from Rust's CI into rustup.

    rustup-toolchain-install-master [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [commits]...

    -a, --alt           download the alt build instead of normal build
        --dry-run       Only log the URLs, without downloading the artifacts
    -f, --force         Replace an existing toolchain of the same name
    -h, --help          Prints help information
    -k, --keep-going    Continue downloading toolchains even if some of them failed
    -V, --version       Prints version information

        --channel <channel>              specify the channel of the commits instead of detecting it automatically
    -c, --component <components>...      additional components to install, besides rustc and rust-std
        --github-token <github-token>    An authorization token to access GitHub APIs
    -i, --host <host>                    the triples of host platform
    -n, --name <name>                    the name to call the toolchain
    -p, --proxy <proxy>                  the HTTP proxy for all download requests
    -s, --server <server>                the server path which stores the compilers [default:]
    -t, --targets <targets>...           additional target platforms to install rust-std for, besides the host platform

    <commits>...    full commit hashes of the rustc builds, all 40 digits are needed; if omitted, the latest master
                    commit will be installed


Install rustup, and then install from Cargo.

$ cargo install rustup-toolchain-install-master


Download a normal toolchain:

$ rustup-toolchain-install-master 4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3
detecting the channel of the `4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3` toolchain...
downloading <>...
47.39 MB / 47.39 MB [=======================================] 100.00 % 10.20 MB/s
downloading <>...
15.91 MB / 15.91 MB [=======================================] 100.00 % 9.95 MB/s
toolchain `4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3` is successfully installed!

Use it:

$ rustc +4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3 -vV
rustc 1.46.0-nightly (4fb54ed48 2020-06-14)
binary: rustc
commit-hash: 4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3
commit-date: 2020-06-14
host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
release: 1.46.0-nightly
LLVM version: 10.0

Remove it using rustup:

$ rustup uninstall 4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3
info: uninstalling toolchain '4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3'
info: toolchain '4fb54ed484e2239a3e9eff3be17df00d2a162be3' uninstalled