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Live Site

by Kenny Wong (NA: CantonNeko) and Nathan Frueh (NA: urbanVenturer)

  • This project gives us a chance to build a product using proper software practices to give back to the Riot community that we love as well as developing our own software skills.
  • We chose to do Item Sets because whenever we play a new champion, we never know what to build. We would then look up a build on a 3rd party site and tab between that site and league during the game. Really Inconvenient. We wanted to bridge that gap by allowing summoners to find a build they like and create a build path for them. With one click, save that itemset and never have to worry about missing a build item again.

Why you should like us! :D

  • Usefulness
    • Multiple ways of finding historically proven successful builds by champion or by favorite summoners (top of the challenger ladder or your friends).
    • JSON file will be created and ready for you at a click of a button
    • Everything is one or two clicks away
  • Technical Difficulty
    • We use a ton of current technologies that is relevant in the tech industry today.
    • We tried to maintain a codebase that is easily scalable with CSS classes or service calls
  • Creativity/Originality
    • We hope it looks nice for our users
    • We haven't seen anything online that can create item set JSON files easily and we hope we can fill that gap for summoners
  • Project Documentation
    • Spent a lot of time here :D

Our process


  • Setup GitHub repository
  • Download GitBash, NodeJS
  • Use Yeoman to create our scaffolding website structure
  • Use Netbeans to create/edit code
  • Grunt to serve/test/dist our code


  • Initialize Python webapp from OpenShift
  • Create cron script to periodically store match history from challenger and master tier players
  • Perform KDA and popular item analysis and store in champion-centered MongoDB collection
  • Create Restful routes via Flask to use with our front-end

Technologies used

  • Front End
    • HTML
    • CSS (Twitter Bootstrap)
    • JavaScript (AngularJS)
    • NodeJS with Ruby
    • Yeoman
    • Grunt
  • Back End
    • Rito Games API
    • MongoDB
    • Python
    • Flask
  • Repository
    • GitHub
  • IDE
    • NetBeans
    • Webstorm

Challenges Faced

  • Time Constraint
    • We started on the project late (August 15) and took a week off to travel to NYC to watch LCS Finals and to Seattle for PAX (Aug 21 - Aug 30).
    • This gives us only effectively only 6 days to brainstorm ideas AND develop the code, while balancing school and work.
    • We still hope you find this site useful and insightful given slight incompleteness given our time constraints.
  • Javascript Security
    • We wanted to automate the process of clicking on an itemset and it being directly downloaded to the correct location. However, we cannot require users to install/run our project. Javascript has no way of directly downloading to specific folders, unless the user specifies it. We will therefore have to trust users to create a folder in the correct location and download the JSON file in the correct location.

TODO (we have more cool ideas, but ran out of time)

  • Champion Page
    • Top half for most frequent
    • Bottom half list best performing (kda, most win by summoner, most successful builds)
  • Summoner Page
    • Search for specific champions played by specific players
    • KDA indicators (with W/L indicator)
    • Search past the 10 most recent ranked games
  • General additions
    • Build order breakdowns (early/mid/late) in addition to final build for summoners
    • Analyze games from other regions
    • Automate analysis python script
    • Remove games from older patches
  • CSS (can always make it prettier)
  • Documentation (can always have more of this)