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Pipeline for Improving Accuracy of Hand Tracking

The goal of this project is to create a simple hand gesture detection system, using relatively few images to train our hand classifier. Given a poorly trained Haar Cascade Classifier (250 positive samples and 100 negative samples) to recognize hands, this project assembles a pipeline to improve the quality of the tracking. These steps include:

  1. Face detection and removal of faces.
  2. Background subtraction.
  3. Use a simplified Kalman-Filter-esque technique to estimate the bounding box of the hand. This assumes that a hand moves in a smooth manner.
  4. Use our hand classifier to detect the largest hand within the bounding box.
  5. Compute the optical flow of points within the bounding box using Lucas-Kanade.
  6. Use the optical flow and the measured position of the hand to correct our Kalman-Filter estimate.


  • OpenCV 2.4.3
  • Tornado (Python) 2.4.1
  • Python 2.7
  • Websockets
  • Chrome

How to Run the Code

Running the Pipeline

You must have OpenCV 2.4.1+ installed and Python 2.7. To run the detection pipeline without the maps application, run:


To choose a different pipeline, choose one of the following, e.g.:

python --pipeline=nofacekalman

To see all the pipeline types and more flags, use the -h flag:

python -h

Running the Maps Application

To run the server, you must install Tornado (Python) 2.4.1. To start the server, specify the port (default is 8888):

python --port=8888 accepts the same command line arguments as To open the client on the server, edit static/settings.js to match the port specified on the server. static/settings.js should look like this:

MotionApp = {
    HOST: "localhost",
    PORT: 8888,
    WIDTH: 320,
    HEIGHT: 240,
    SCALE_FACTOR: 0.5,

Then visit localhost:8888 in Chrome (you must be using the latest version of Chrome and have Websockets enabled, see chrome://flags). To scroll around, face the palm of your hand, fingers together, towards the camera, and move your hand around!


CS283 Project - Pipeline for Improving Accuracy of Hand Tracking



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