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Voice activated drink mixer! ES50 Spring 2014
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Tinibot: Voice Activated Drink Mixer

Kenny Yu, Michelle Luo, Karen Xiao


  1. Plug in the Arduino, and upload the Arduino program in the arduino_receiver directory into the Arduino.
  2. Start the server: python [make sure the arduino is plugged in]
  3. Visit https://localhost:8880 (must be SSL)
  4. Click the button and talk!



DEVICE in must match the port the arduino is connected to (bottom right of the arduino window). To see the device, look in the /dev directory. The script will automatically attempt to find hte device in the /dev/ directory.

Drinks are in The numbers mean the proportions of these in this order:

  1. gin
  2. rum
  3. vodka
  4. cranberry
  5. orange
  6. tonic

The certs directory contains dummy generated SSL certs and keys, these aren't used for real applications.

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