Exports Photoshop layers to png or jpg, and creates html, css & json for images
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export_layers_to_html.jsx is Adobe javascript that exports Photoshop layers as png(8 or 24 bit) or .jpg.

In addition, it creates basic html, css and JSON for each layer's image as an absolutely-poitioned div.

See the demos for examples.

To use: open a photoshop doc; in the File menu, navigate to scripts -> browse.
        navigate to where you've stored this script and open it.
        Select your export options and destination in the dialog box, click 'run'. 
	Files will be created; the html and css and js will have the name you entered in the file name prefix field in the dialog box.
	the .js file is a single function which returns, stringified JSON. 

NOTE: The fewer layers you export, the faster this will run. 
      On a 40-layer doc, the script took about 20 minutes to run.
      On the samples in the repo, it took under a minute.