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v0.9.0 / 2015-02-03

  • #496 Updated default option handling for CLI (oojacoboo).
  • f37634b [dist] Only support node >= 0.8.0. (indexzero)
  • 91a1e90, 50163a0 Fix #84 Enable a better unhandled exception experience (samz)
  • 8b5fbcd #448 Added tailable option to file transport which rolls files backwards instead of creating incrementing appends. Implements #268 (neouser99)
  • a34f7d2 Custom log formatter functionality were added. (Melnyk Andii)
  • 4c08191 Added showLevel flag to common.js, file*, memory and console transports. (Tony Germaneri)
  • 64ed8e0 Adding custom pretty print function test. (Alberto Pose)
  • 3872dfb Adding prettyPrint parameter as function example. (Alberto Pose)
  • 2b96eee implemented filters #526 (Chris Oloff)
  • 72273b1 Added the options to colorize only the level, only the message or all. Default behavior is kept. Using true will only colorize the level and false will not colorize anything. (Michiel De Mey)
  • 178e8a6 Prevent message from meta input being overwritten (Leonard Martin)
  • 270be86 [api] Allow for transports to be removed by their string name [test fix] Add test coverage for multiple transports of the same type added in #187. [doc] Document using multiple transports of the same type (indexzero)
  • 0a848fa Add depth options for meta pretty print (Loïc Mahieu)
  • 106b670 Allow debug messages to be sent to stdout (John Frizelle)
  • ad2d5e1 [fix] Handle Error instances in a sane way since their properties are non-enumerable by default. Fixes #280. (indexzero)
  • 5109dd0 [fix] Have a default until before a default from. Fixes #478. (indexzero)
  • d761960 Fix logging regular expression objects (Chasen Le Hara)
  • 2632eb8 Add option for EOL chars on FileTransport (José F. Romaniello)
  • bdecce7 Remove duplicate logstash option (José F. Romaniello)
  • 7a01f9a Update declaration block according to project's style guide (Ricardo Torres)
  • ae27a19 Fixes #306: Can't set customlevels to my loggers (RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded) (Alberto Pose)
  • 1ba4f51 [fix] Call res.resume() in HttpTransport to get around known issues in streams2. (indexzero)
  • 39e0258 Updated default option handling for CLI (Jacob Thomason)
  • 8252801 Added logstash support to console transport (Ramon Snir)
  • 18aa301 Module isStream should be isstream (Michael Neil)
  • 2f5f296 options.prettyPrint can now be a function (Matt Zukowski)
  • a87a876 Adding rotationFormat prop to file.js (orcaman)
  • ff187f4 Allow custom exception level (jupiter)

0.8.3 / 2014-11-04

0.8.2 / 2014-11-04

0.8.1 / 2014-10-06

0.8.0 / 2014-09-15

## 0.6.2 / 2012-07-08

  • Added prettyPrint option for console logging
  • Multi-line values for conditional returns are not allowed
  • Added acceptance of stringify option
  • Fixed padding for log levels