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added rebar as a supported compile option

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@ddossot ddossot authored
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ h2. Usage
h3. Running the Erlbrake application
-1. Compile erlbrake: @cd path/to/erlbrake/ && make@
+1. Compile erlbrake: @cd path/to/erlbrake/ && make@ or @rebar compile@
2. Start the erlbrake application, replacing the API key with your own and the paths to ibrowse and erlbrake to where they are installed on your machine:
<pre><code>ERL_LIBS="$HOME/erlang/ibrowse:$HOME/erlang/erlbrake:$ERL_LIBS" erl -erlbrake apikey '"76fdb93ab2cf276ec080671a8b3d3866"' -erlbrake error_logger true -erlbrake environment '"development"' -s erlbrake start</code></pre>
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